How do you think you'd do on Hunted?

Honestly think i’d piss it. Probably the only program i’d rate my chances on. My networks are pretty small and disconnected and i’m a paranoid mess.

What would your tactics be?


  • stick to the canal networks
  • camp in fields
  • not make any contact with family or close friends
  • withdraw all my cash immediately
  • rely on completely impromptu contact with people i vaguely know in places i’ve not been to (in return for a share of the winnings)

They must put all sorts of stuff in your contract otherwise people would surely just bin all their devices, not provide details of family and friends, or just sit in their loft. Bet they stipulate that you have to stay on the move and use phones, etc. Anyone know?

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Think eric might know


This programme is a load of made up bullshit right? There’s no way they have live access to ANPR, mobile phone data and cctv systems across the UK

Aye, you must have to keep moving, cos loads of people get to a good spot then leave it. I suppose they think it would be boring TV if they’re just sitting getting pissed in a cave for a month (it wouldn’t).

I think I’d do okay. The trick, as with most situations, is to not delay going feral - start the cannibalism as early as possible.


I have wondered whether they deliberately make them do dumb shit because they know part of the appeal is for viewers to feel like they would be better at it (not hard in some cases)

Always just assumed they replicate the powers the police have?

Doubt they’d be able to access loads of shite in the name of a telly show, etc.

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They don’t, but it’s done as if they do - e.g. they don’t have access to cash machine data, but I assume the crew relays the info back to the base so they can carry on as if they do.

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On one series there was an autistic lad and his dad and the journey they went through was one of the most magical things i’ve ever seen on TV.


That was the best one. TV gold

Where a lot of people go wrong is having feelings for other human beings. Oooh, i’ve got to sneak back to Mickleover for my lad’s second birthday…FUCK OFF, GARY.


shite tbh

Reckon my achilles heel might be having to change my undies every hour or two due to an extremely sweaty ass.

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yes, the powers of state are replicated and there are certain rules, move x miles per day, contact known associates, etc. it’s a tv show.

Often wonder how much nicer life would be if no-one had bothered looking for Johnny Mercer when he was on it.


Didn’t somebody try this and fuck it up?

Anyway always thought I’d do ok with, but doubt I’d complete it tbh. Reckon there’s a lot to it in the show that they don’t show

i have a vague memory in one of the really early series that a GP guy just went immediately to the North of Scotland (possibly Skye) and just climbed a fucking massive mountain and sat there.

I’m sure they changed the rules midway through that one that you had to move as they had absolutely no chance of finding him


He was great. Basically went to Ben Nevis and camped around there. Then got homesick and travelled back to Kent and got caught

aye i don’t remember the “you must return to London” bit being in the rules right at the start but I might be wrong, felt at that the time that they’d shifted the goalposts as he’d absolutely humped them

I’d be shite. Reckon they’d catch me in about three hours, I don’t really operate well in rural settings.

So we’re all tuning in tonight at 9 o’clock on channel 4 then?

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