how do you think you'd get on with Wahlberging your day?

I.e. sticking to regular scheduled events/activities/parts of the day every day (for the most part?) in hour-long sections.

To remind you, Mark’s is as follows:

i have the day off tomorrow and think i’m going to Wahlberg the fuck out of it with hour/half hour bursts of things. But could i sustain it for longer than a few days? I reckon i’d just get bored.

Anyone pretty much Wahlberging right now already?

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Could do a structured routine quite well I think, have done in the past. Fuck getting up insanely early or anything though.

Hahaha, I’d forgotten what a ridiculous twat he is.


probably fine

i usually sleep and eat at the same times most days as it is. that’s like 90% of everything I do.

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I could do it but would have to mix it up, I can never stomach cryo chamber recovery until after breakfast


he doesn’t do anything, he’s just written a load of routine things that you don’t think about doing down to make it look like he does. he’s a prick.

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2:30am wake up - hmmm I guess i could if i had to
2:45am prayer time - absolutely fucking not


I’d hate it and I’d be rubbish at it.

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It would actually be an easier day for me

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I think I could just about tolerate the prayers with 4 meals and 3 scheduled snacks to look forward to

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Already kinda wahlburgering as ive been on 6am-3pm (well always have to stay later) shifts

up at 3am
Snack 3.30am
gym for 4-5.15am
Breakfast 5.30-6am
Work 6am - 4pm on a good day
Jiujitsu/gym 6pm-7pm if i cba
Family time + dinner til 9.30/10 when I pass out asleep

add 5/6 coffees to my shite 5hrs of sleep and my heart is gonna explode soon

(had yesterday and today off though so im in top form)

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Not sure I could get by with only an hour of Cryo Chamber Recovery a day.


tomorrow imma try do this

7:00 gym
8:00 breakfast
8.30 hot tub
9:15 total war warhammer 2
11:00 gardening
12:00 budgets/holiday admin
12:30 lunch
13:15 walk outside in park if sunny, read if raining
14:15 food shop on way back from walk
15:00 cinema
18:40 start cooking
19:00 dinner
20:00 Tekken 7
21:00 Pick out some Air BnBs in Amsterdam

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love his cyrochamber snack sandwich

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shit you’re wahlberging hard there

who’s your Tekken main xylo

don’t hate me but Rangchu. he’s way, way quicker than you think he is.

The only time I’m ever up for breakfast at 3:15am is when I’m at Denny’s after a night of drinking.


Probably remind you of your old job, eh?

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Going to bed at 7.30pm and getting up at 2.30am out of choice is just stupid, but I’d love to be able to structure my day like that.

If I could finish work at exactly the same time every day, I could do this easily, and would prefer it to what I do at the moment, which is finish work any time between 6pm and (on rare occasions) midnight.

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