How do you wear a beanie?

Just got my new beanie delivered. Put it on and it looks shit. Like every other beanie I’ve ever had.

What are the rules?
Ears in? Ears out?
Pulled down tight? A bit loose at the top?
What thickness of turn up do you go for?

I don’t want to end up looking like Ian Mackaye…or do I?


Over the ears, bit loose at the top but not sagging. Like the end of a condom.

Do not understand those ears exposed, Compo from Last Of The Summer Wine type hats in the slightest.


This is how I wear mine too, but I also like a small toque. I don’t have one at the moment and it is something I’m always thinking I should pick up but never do because it’s really low priority.

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This is an H&M one size fits all job. With my massive head there doesn’t seem to be much scope for fashioning a teat.

It’s a minefield! There is also the angle that it is on your head. I think a mistake I used to make is pulling them down to far at the back.

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Hadn’t even thought of that. My mistake was thinking I was in a place in my life where I could handle this much responsibility.


Just thinking about beanies is stressing me out… There was a guy at a gig the other day in a really cool beanie and I said to him" love your hat it’s really cool" and he was like " oh yeah cheers it is my girlfriend’s " like it was no effort at all. I think hats are hard to wear. I can’t wear a baseball cap either.


My head shape is too weird, it’s too thin and goes back too fair, which is why beanies suck for me, I look ridiculous in them.

Used to have the same problem with caps until I realised there are different sizes for women. So I, as a dude, only buy caps in the womans section of clothes stores that are sized as ‘low profile’ and they fit me perfectly.

Every so often I think about this headline and laugh


I have a giant head so really struggle with this. Avoid all other hats but sometimes you just need to keep yer head warm.

same as ruffers here


The point of the hat is to keep your head and ears warm, the fact that people wear them with their ears out for style absolutely baffles me

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However I wear one, I always end up looking like Dappy.

is this a beanie?

i always thought this was a wooly hat and beanies are the ones without a folded brim, but now all i’m hearing is that those are also beanies

  • wooly hat
  • beanie

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On my… ass?

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One on each cheek or one big beanie to cover both cheeks?