How do you wear a watch?

I am wearing a watch for the first time since I was about 12.

Its a bit annoying with shirt-sleeves and cuffs though isn’t it? (today I am wearing a shirt and jumper). I can’t wear it low enough on the wrist that it doesn’t bother me and higher up just means I can’t easily pull the cuff back to see it.

never really bothers me

only time it’s annoying is when i’m taking my backpack on and off i seem to always catch it

I do not wear a watch


If you do it for a few days it’ll become second-nature. I go through phases, but I wear mine all the time now and if I don’t put it on in the morning my arm feels weird.

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On my left wrist


I live in London so don’t really need to wear a watch.

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I too have never even heard of watches.

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streets paved with watches


I prefer single cuffs to double when wearing a button-down shirt with a watch. Cuffed coats are really irritating over a watch.

Used to be properly anti-watches, but people who always check their phones are obviously horrendous, so now i’m pro-watch.

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Wore a watch for a while. Had a fair amount of fun doing so. Stopped wearing it because it needed winding too often for it to be anything more than aesthetic and it looked a bit tatty, so it wasn’t even that. I still sometimes look at my wrist, the left one, of course, and sigh a little, but only on the inside.


I’d far rather have it on my wrist than have to get my phone out. Also, the clock in the car doesn’t work so I can see the time easily when I’m driving if I’ve got my watch on. If I’m walking the dog and have the kid with me as well, I can’t be faffing about with my phone, too much going on!

It’s purely a utility thing for me, got a nicely beaten up digital Casio that does the trick.

Usually just strap it around my penis and crack on with my day.


I wear wooden watches these days, as they’re much lighter than metal.

Better than checking your phone.

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I like wearing a watch. Different watches for different needs.

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BLUTO - You heard me right.

do you actually? i saw a wooden one the other day i thought looked quite nice

I prefer the around the neck method myself, solves all those tricky catching-on-sleeves/indecent exposure situations.



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