How do you write a poem?

I’d like to write a poem. I’ve got the subject matter and a few images and feelings and also a few metaphors already in lines.
How do I now turn it into a ‘poem’? A proper one.


write down what you feel like.


make sure there’s a bunch of capital Letters though and use a nice font.


There once was a gal called Elaina
A poem was stuck in her brain-a
She posted on DiS
To ask for assist
ance something something lion tamer


Start by declaring where the young man is from.
Second line should indicate something about the young man that rhymes with where he’s from.
Slip in two shorter lines that rhyme with each other, designed for quicker delivery
Then, wrap it up with a callback rhyme to the opening couplet.


Are they the only rules, doesn’t there have to be a rhythm?

definitely doesn’t have to rhyme.

I tend to just go for free verse and rearrange the words/lines to what feels best

G’luck OP! Writing poems is great fun :relaxed:


ok I think I understand now

just put one foot in front of the other


I wrote a poem recently, really have no barometer to know whether it’s any good or not so my default feeling towards it is embarrassment.

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guys, this was a good pun, where’s my likes?


Yes I feel the same about my lines

You simply have to take your time,

And make sure that your poem rhymes,

And once it’s done,

All written down,

Please file away,

Never to be found,

Because on someone else,

You must not inflict,

As poetry is undeniably


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really liked it at the time but I feel like it’s too “oh I wrote a poem!” now

never would have known this so I’m actually glad you pointed out you were making a witty comment :slight_smile:

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it’s really not that bad!

the kinda laboured blatant style seems quite sweet when tied to celebrating someone very earnestly.

bet if it was a poem about the horrors of war or something it would come across terribly.

feel sorry for him :frowning:

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in fact it sort of reminds me of latter day Kozelek. Funny yet profound in it’s delivery.