How does a new artist start getting gigs

If I am a singer songwriter, what do I need to do to start getting payed to sing at local venues? Do I need a booking agent, manager, etc? Or do I just need to email every venue there is until one will have me? I know a lot of you artists are further along the road than I.

Play for free. Repeatedly. Be good. Get noticed. Build up your social media presence. Attract people to your free gigs. Start getting paid for gigs as a result. Expect to earn peanuts. Network like crazy. In person, not over email. Keep building. Get some quality demos produced if you think you are going to go for it.

I there is one thing you can do to succeed it’s to have a sound that is original. Don’t copy others.

You will 99.9% fail but you might have fun in the process. Good luck.

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