How does this make you feel?

They’re not wrong.

pretty solid ranking, IMO

Muse are better than radiohead

How does it make you feel as a person, though?

Makes me feel quite gubbins if I’m honest.

:heart: @ma0sm

I bet he’s the culprit behind this.

Dint he post something rude on urban dictionary once?

Not me this time

Give me a break, my last submission was over ten years ago



sorry pal I’m drunk

he purpose of this thread is to get inside-outside back

All good! It is embarrassing looking back at those though, a series of injokes forever captured online. A lot like this place really.

Straight after I replied I decided it sounded more like BS/untrue.

Then again, he’s more of a visual communication guy. Not sure he’d have much time for verbal definitions.

It doesn’t.


“Well, I really think you should quit smoking.”

Pretty weak bants but accurate enough

“drowned in sound is an internet website”

from some of the stuff i’ve seen on there i’m genuinely surprised to learn they have a rejection process