How early are you okay with eating chocolate on a regular day?


I’m absolutely not allowing pain au chocolate. I’m talking a chocolate bar, or a square of chocolate, or a… well those are the only two things really eh. Chocolate covered stuff also applicable.

  • 6am
  • 7am
  • 8am
  • 9am
  • 10am
  • 11am
  • 12+

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How about chocolate in liquid form? Hot chocolate is a perfectly cromulant thing to drink first thing in the morning.

To take your question on its own terms, it is acceptable to eat chocolate and chocolate covered things from the second you wake up on the following days:

Christmas (and the wider Christmas period)
Easter (and the wider Easter period)
Your Birthday
Every Other Day Of The Year

Hope this helps.


as long as i have a coffee with it then bring it on the second i wake


Glad this is anonymous, wouldn’t want to be outed as a 6am chocolate eating goober


Choco Leibniz with a coffee? Espresso and a square of chocolate? Just smashing a Snickers to start the day? All gravy, man.


Easter eggs for breakfast with a pot of coffee - wonderful.
At Easter time. Obviously


see this is how i roll sometimes (when my wife can’t see me): coffee, mars. At like… 7am :'D


Never heard it called that etc etc


I eat very little before midday anyway, but something as sweet as chocolate seems particularly offputting (having said that, on Monday it got to about 12.30pm and I’d eaten nothing, then destroyed a bag of chocolate raisins I found in my bag, which kind of messed up my lunch).


Breakfast of champions


diabetes hi 5, man <3


Hot chocolate in the early hours is fucking insane and you should be thrown in a well.


U wot?


starting the day with a mars bar? King of the world
Starting the day with a hot chocolate? Abomination


Oh, now you’ve done it.


Starting the day with a hot chocolate?

  • Abomination
  • U wot mate?

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sorry xylo but @NoahVale is right


i mean that looks exceptional tbf


(i was also okay with being ‘for it’)


(It didn’t read quite right)