How easy do you find some social interactions

This thread is different to the thread about your personality because I thought of this when I went for a walk earlier, prior to that thread appearing, so that means it’s different.

Some lad was fishing in the spot I usually go to and I thought “many people would probably be able to spark up a conversation with him in this situation but that’s close to impossible for me.”

So pretend you’ve fished in that spot quite often and you walk past some lad fishing there. Someone says you have to go and spark up a conversation with him. The thought of doing that:

  • Is very scary
  • Is quite scary
  • Is not scary
  • I’d like to do that
  • I’d love to do that

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Just had a man chatting to me at the pool.

Sir, no. Do not expect this to be sustainable

(I did quite well for a change actually)

Very/ Quite scary if sober. I’d give it a go if pissed.

Oops sorry not a reply to scout but I guess it still stands :joy:

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Y’see, in this situation it would be a simple positive approach of ‘Hello mate. Great spot to fish this one. I fish here quite regularly. Are they biting today?’

And go on to trade insights about what types of fish, what bait, and the other idiosyncrasies of that part of the river

But in similar ‘strike up a spontaneous conversation’ situations I might be struggling for an opening gambit & follow up material and thus hesitant or downright resistant


I wouldn’t be scared to, but I definitely wouldn’t want to. What’s he got to say? Nothing is what.


Only danger to me in any social sitch is someone finally snapping that I haven’t shut the fuck up for 20 minutes

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I’d rather not. I can cope for a very short amount of time, and when I say cope, I mean existence is even more horrible than usual until maybe hours later.

Good grief another man on the street just stopped me to talk to me because he liked my tshirt. This thread has unlocked some portal to social interaction hell.


I think I’d be fine it I kept it to fishing chat, but there’d always be the nagging anxiety that they’d rather not be speaking to me, and in fact like fishing because it’s an opportunity for a solitary activity, with no obligation to interact with other people.

Yeah, but then they can fuck off out of your fishing spot can’t they

It’s a win either way

I wouldnt say scary but its very unlikely i would do it.

talk? to a stranger? oh good lord no

Stranger danger

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I wouldn’t mind, quite good at small talk and enjoy talking about shared interests, 10 years ago i would never, but okay with it now

Always get chatting in the pool, the most handy was once some teens recommended the flume and they were right, it was fucking sick.


less would find it difficult and more couldn’t be fucking arsed.


Being hard of hearing adds another dimension of labour onto such interactions, even if pleasant.

Sometimes a nice chat is even more wearying cos then it’s like… what are we? :pleading_face:

Sometimes it’s best not to bother. What if speaking to them makes them uncomfortable? Then you’re the cunt.