How effective is your flush?

gonna be honest, mine is very weak. no idea how to give it a boost, mind

  • very poor. weak and not really fit for purpose
  • moderate - does a job (on a job)
  • absolutely tremendous system. powerful as fuck

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poll is fixed! @colon_closed_bracket is a hero

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

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as above


It’s not the best, but tbqfh we ask a lot of it in our household and it performs admirably.

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Buck Rogers toilets in my gaff.

“It flushed on the first yank!”

Except for the time it broke on Hogmanay and we had guests round, I suppose.

It’s not too bad. The main problem is that it blocks really easily. We need to replace the entire bathroom at some point so no point in trying to sort it.

home: 10/10
work: actual disaster. never had a clean flush yet.