How emotionally invested do you get in characters in TV shows, films and books?

Having a discussion here at work about whether people get annoyed if a character they love is dissed by someone.

I was thinking that it would be unusual to care what someone else thinks about a character, but a quick poll of my small office suggests I might be in the minority.

I love many tv shows, films and books and I appreciate really well-written characters and many of the performances of those characters. If you said that you didn’t like a character in my favourite show I’d be interested in the reasons why but my interest would be academic. I wouldn’t feel defensive of the character.

This isn’t about whether or not fiction affects you emotionally nor is it about whether you get passionate about the artforms. I’ve cried when characters die and stuff like that. Even felt a twinge thinking back to a scene. But the characters don’t have a life outside the work for me.

So…you folks…

  • Characters mean a lot to me, they have a life outside of the work for me and if someone criticises them or insults them I feel it really deeply.
  • I get invested in characters, and they kind of have a life outside the work, and if someone disses them it bothers me a bit
  • I get invested in characters, think about them outside the work, but don’t care if others say something unfair about them.
  • I get invested in the work and the characters but that’s probably as far as it goes for me.
  • What’s a character?

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At the end of the day it’s just words on a page, isn’t it.

You monster!

I need an option for “I don’t really care about the characters because I’m mostly dead inside”.

I don’t care if someone insults a character I like, but I do care if the writers of the show make the character do something I think is stupid.

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Oh god, absolutely. That kind of thing makes me want to smash my tv up and send the bill to the network.

Yeah but what if that character brings +25 Dexterity to the show

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I think you’ve got me confused with Theo.

Depends how good the thing is.

In corrie, absolutely