How ... err... articulate are you?

How, y’know, good are you at like saying stuff and being able to like… i guess, get across the meaning of … the thing that you are trying to say?

I used to be able to talk proper but now I constantly stumble over my words and say the wrong word and whatnot. What gives eh?



Quite bad and stuff

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yesterday i said “if money was no option, i would…”

and only realised quite a while afterwards. cringe.

Usually very eloquent but occasionally find myself stuttering

Years of customer service and being good at English and that mean I’m generally quite good, unless I get angry with something/one and it just comes out as “ARGHARARGHACUNT!” etc…


I think I can be quite articulate, but often I talk too fast and then end up stumbling over words whereas if I speak more slowly I can get my point across properly. find it hard to put into practice though.

Really bad, go into meetings or presentations with the whole thing planned in my head…then word soup spills out and I lose confidence in what I am saying.

Filler sound collection: “like”, “um”, “yeeeeeeeah”, “sooooooooo”, stick tongue out and make blah sound when speaking too fast and lose track

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Probably my number 1 skill, though in some circumstances I get caught between two languages and get a little flustered these days


Flit between being an anxious blur to outright verbosity, never clear, 1.5/5


Well I can get my feet behind my neck.

Oh sorry, thought you asked how articulated I am…

Generally not great, always wish I’d studied something that involved more critical reading/writing because I tend to have gut feelings rather than things I can put into clear eloquent wording. Then get really frustrated when I hear someone say exactly what I was thinking/feeling but never would have been able to say.

And then randomly and and unexpectedly I’ll have bursts of total lucidity and feel fucking amazing but it never lasts long.

I have quite poor memory too, I often wonder whether keeping some sort of a diary would help with both.

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I find talking really tiring these days, I would rather just say nothing to save myself the effort of moving my face

I was told by someone recently that they were very jealous of my ability to express my point in plain language which was nice of them. On the other hand:


you just scooped up a like for that one!

Thanks Bammers! I treasure each and every like that any community member deems worthy of gifting me x

ah you must get a lot of joy from DiS then!

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I’m starting to worry that I’m a verbose twat. As a kid I would get slagged of for sounding like I swallowed a dictionary and I still have a wee bit of a chip on my shoulder about it. That stopped but I keep catching myself using flowery language for want of a better word.
And I don’t want to sound like Henry fucking James.

Dreadful. Plus I have really bad sinuses which causes me to mumble. I’ve found the best solution, for me, is to shut the fuck up at all times.

I’m probably far more eloquent on DiS than IRL which is a sad indictment on my life really…

My parents have a wide vocabulary which they’ve passed on to me even though I kinda don’t like it cause I find it to be a really affected form of intellectualism. On the converse my brain can sometimes make connections so fast that my mouth can’t catch up which can lead to my fall over my words and sometimes stutter a little. So I guess it’s pretty much 50-50?