How far are you from being able to see a body of water

Not from the water itself but just being able to see it.

Here is the view from the upstairs window at my work:

Circled is the Salcombe Estuary (which is actually a Ria but never mind). So from where I am typing this I am one flight of stairs away from being able to see a body of water. But what about you?

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Could get to a point of being able to see the Victoria Park lake in about 7 minutes if I was running fast

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Actually, is a canal a “body of water” or not? I could get to the canal quicker than that

It sure as shit is!

Have a little water feature canal type thing running along the street outside my flat so if that counts just need to go to the window.

If I broke into my upstairs neighbours’ flat I’d be able to see the sea

Or it’s a 5 minute walk

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Absolutely massive almost perma-puddle at the corner of my street but otherwise I reckon I’d have to be quite close to water to see it as it’s so flat and built up.

Answer: idk

How far away is the window?

Let’s call that 3 minutes in that case if I’m able to prepare or 5 mins from now as I’d need to put trainers etc on

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Could you update the following thread please:

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There’s a pond in the nature reserve near my house, but I’d have to break into my next door neighbour’s garden so I could look at it over their fence.

And I’m not going to do that I’m afraid.

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If I walked downstairs, got my bike, opened the front door and cycled for a bit, I could probably see the Grand Canal in about 4-5 minutes


Less than 3 meters from where I’m sat and if I stand up angles looking downwards mean I only need to move about 2 metes to see the canal.

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Does this big puddle on the roof over there count

But if you wanted to, how far away is the garden?

Thank you.

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is a river a body of water

What would you say the dimensions of this puddle are?

Oh dear I didn’t read the question properly did I!

I’d guess about thirty metres.

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Yes it is Japes.