How far are you from where you live right now (assuming you're not currently at home)?

I’ve found out that Google Maps does “as the crow flies” distances if you right-click and select measure distance. This may have always been a feature, but I did not know about it and I’m not interested if you did.

I’m 2.69km (1.67 miles) away

7 miles, ish.

From my door to my mum’s house is EXACTLY 1000 miles. How about that?

As for the actual question, about 2km but who cares

Total distance: 9.08 km (5.64 mi)

However my ride to work is about 11.3km each way

Is a little precision too much to ask? I’ve a spreadsheet to maintain.

11.22 miles

Total distance: 309.80 km (192.50 mi)

beat that, dickheads





2.49km! Love working so close to home.

I’m at home. am I still allowed to post in this thread?

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1.7 miles thanks.

alright, aleister crowley


3.1 miles apparently.

Cycle route, seeing as you asked, 4.6 miles…

I’m currently at Vicarage Road. 18 miles from my home.

Absolutely not, no.

About 2.25 miles

30.89 miles

6.15 miles