How far are you from where you live right now (assuming you're not currently at home)?

10.27 km (6.38 mi)

6 miles, ish


Is there a vicarage on Vicarage Road?

why won’t you let me into your crappy club for stupid jerks?

Depends what I’m calling home.

Oxford: 239km
Glasgow: 190km

I meant the football stadium. There is no vicarage at this football stadium as far as I know.

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For privacy reasons, please just provide one distance. We’re not far off being able to triangulate your position.

Dublin Airport Terminal 1 Food Court. There you go, saved you the bother.

alright, gdpr


5.57km, but i tend to walk the 6.31km route home

Go up to the counter and say you’re the food’s defence lawyer (this is a very good food court joke)

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1,152 meters (miles are for Brexit wankers, obviously)

Not now. It used to be opposite St Mary’s Church, but it’s been demolished and sheltered housing and the Citizen’s Advice are on the old site.

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4.68km. good thread

8 Miles.

6.48km from home. But after work I’m going to a gig 17.21km away. Numbers!

Alright Eminem