How far away are you from your line manager?

When we are both in our usual office 95 miles. When we are WFH 160 miles (he lives a long way from his office).

About 300 miles, at the moment.

Usually, about 10 metres.

Currently, 24 miles. At work its meters

I am my line manager


6 metres or so.

Do you ever flick them Vs below desk level?

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Looking forward to your appraisal?

Is the @eems bros joke workshop still in business?

at the moment, 5141 miles

about 35 miles, if line means what I think it means

I’ve been my own line manager for the past few weeks
Founder of the company is directly behind me though

Emotionally, very far


Looking at some of the other posts in here I am starting to doubt that I know what it means.

Yeah, I heard they were really decent.

About 3,535 miles usually.

Is that emotionally or physically?

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Physically. He did ask me in my appraisal if I would feel comfortable coming to him with a personal problem. Was a bit blindsided by this and didn’t manage a better answer than a flat “No.”


1 metre. Her desk begins immediately behind this laptop.

Maybe a metre, she bought me an Easter egg