How far away are you from your line manager?


1 metre. Her desk begins immediately behind this laptop.


Maybe a metre, she bought me an Easter egg


About a metre or two to my left. I’m currently facing approximately south (SSW to be more precise), so she is east of me.


That in itself sounds like a personal problem so it was probably a trick question.


My boss is nearly always to the east of me. Like at least 99% of the time.


Well, as the pet shop boys said


Mine’s a metre down south


She sits next to me when she’s here.


To the east or west?


To the North, on my right


My boss lives more easterly than I do, I’d expect the answer is more than 80% in my case.


107.9 miles by road


clearly no need for it any more. perfection


What is it that Balonz Analytica can glean of my voting intentions from this anyway?


If you’re to the far right of your boss then finish this joke yourself, you see where I’m going with it


Please answer the rainbow thread.


Smee team are finished


Yeah - ^This
He sits at the desk behind me. If he turns around quickly to ask me a questio-


-n he catches me posting on DiS


we are both currently wfh. i think as the crow flies we are approximately 1850 metres apart.