How far down your most listened to artists list (all time) on do you have to go before a woman appears?

  1. Guided by Voices
  2. Pavement
  3. The National
  4. Neutral Milk Hote
    5. Frankie Cosmos

I have Low in third and Sonic Youth in 11th. Actually I have Swans in second and that includes alot of Jarboe

Low 1st. After that then Cocteau Twins 3rd.

Set Fire to Flames in #1

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I don’t have a, but CRJ would easily be #1.


Another vote for not on LastFMbook, but Big Thief and Phoebe Bridgers would both be in there.
If we’re talking 2020 Waxahatchee would make the top 5 too.

  1. Joanna Newsom
    Well earned victory given how long some of her songs are

Been on a kick for a few years now to make sure I’m less male-centric but historic inertia (my 50th ranked artist has 1373 plays) means 11th place is the first female representation and only 3 of my top 50 feature women.

Last 365 days is 12 acts with female representation in the top 50 so that’s progress, albeit still heavily biased.

Need to do better.

  1. Goldfrapp

…then Cocteau Twins at 25 and CHVRCHES at 49.
Like Aphex above, I’ve been on a kick to listen to more women artists in the last couple of years but I have a long way to go to even remotely approach parity.

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Sonic Youth at #2, next is No Joy at #13

Woodpigeon at 7 and sonic youth at 10, this is a decade old though, I listen to a lot of kpop these days and the split between male and female groups is about 50/50

Not on lastfm but Bjork & PJ would be near the all time top.

Last few years would all be nearly all female artists - Jenny Hval, Julia Holter, Sarah Davachi, Jasmine Guffond, Maria W Horn, Astrid Sonne. Inga Copeland, Jane Weaver, Kali Malone etc.

A few male artists I play a lot would maybe tilt it back a bit - Ennio Morricone, Mogwai, a couple others

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If this is a dig about Frankie Cosmos’ songs all being 1 minute long and that being the only reason they are so high up on my list then I see you shrewbie, I see you :disappointed:


Ain’t used lastfm in years

But I think my top was broadcast

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Low at the top (obviously), 5 in the top 10.

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18th to get to The White Stripes, though I feel my scrobbles weren’t very accurate for a good few years.

If I go in the last year then Charli XCX is 2nd, and there’s four groups featuring women in the top 10

My number 1 is Future Of The Left who currently have a female bassist, but that feels like a cop-out as they were all male for their first two albums.

Let’s say the criteria is that it has to be a solo female artist or a band whose frontperson is female. In that case it’s Deerhoof at #11.

If you want to be even more strict and say it has to be a female artist or most of the members are female, then embarrassingly that’s #57 with Sleater-Kinney.

If you look at the last year, it’s still not great, but a little better…

#4 is Deerhoof
#11 is Tacocat

Had mine since 2006 so my all time list is definitely less representative than more recent ones.

The Fall at number 2 had some prominent female members at points in their career and Future of the Left at 5 have had a female bassist since 2010 or so but Pixies at 9 is probably the highest one with consistent female representation, and even then Kim or her replacements are only rarely on lead vocals. Hmm.

Quite far, 11th place Magnetic Fields for the first woman, 13th s St Vincent for my top all-woman artist.

No. 1 (Gorky’s violinist Megan Childs)…


Rest of top 5 are fronted by women, other than Euros Childs.