How far is too far?

Please give examples.

Like: I would walk for 20 minutes but 40 minutes is too far: I’d get the bus.



I have and do walk for up to an hour and a half before resorting to a fucking bus


fucking hell mate!

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I would walk to the other ends of the earth than pay £1.75 to withdraw some cash.


Can’t stand the bus

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I’d walk up to about an hour for a local trip. Longer if I’m on holibobs.

oh my god this is an excellent shout, truly truly GREAT

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i walk half an hour to and from work every day. think 40 minutes would push it over the line, yeah.

big fan of a bus myself. the tube can fucking do one though.

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yes yes

can’t remember the last time i got “the tube”

Anywhere south of the river, obviously.

You’re never overtaken by pedestrians on the tube

4 pints if i’m working tomorrow is far enough
5 pints will not stop at 5 pints and is too far



same also for bike riding

sitting room only?

you’ve got to know your routes, man. like i never take the 73 if i can avoid it.


my new favourite bus since i moved is the 199. great bunch of bus.

I’d walk into town or to my old job (~4.5 miles) but further than that I’d probably bin it off. ~75 minutes max.

Anything over 200 miles I’d fly (over a train). Not thought this through particularly.

I’d walk 20 minutes after that I’m on my bike. Forget the bus.

Won’t watch any of the DVDs I’ve seen before but if it comes on tv then sure I’ll probably watch most of the film.

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