How Far Will You Go To Compensate When You Break Something?

Yeah, that’s why I post here


Had to sleep in my sister’s room at home home the other day. Anyway during the stormy weather it was still well hot and I slept with the window open. A plate with some upbeat message - you’re a star or whatever fell off the window sill and smashed. I’m not replacing it

You and me both brother.

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Your parents’ garden?

Was this a fancy plate or just some generic Ikea jobbie?

Bridgend isn’t the hotbed of art & culture that you might think.

I would be willing to travel to see it.

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This story has made me feel quite sad.

Would you like my parents to make you some pasties when you arrive? They love an excuse to make some pasties. Usually end up making too many and then freezing some, but they don’t last with my dad around.

Not a fancy plate by any means, I don’t think it was an IKEA jobbie, I’d suggest that it was probably from Dunelm Mill :joy: :joy: :joy:

In order to fully enjoy this post you should be equipped with the knowledge that a great bit that I do is to suggest my parents get everything they own from Dunelm Mill on accounts of how they mentioned going there once and I’d never heard of it before and claimed they were making it up so now I go “Ooh that’s a nice new ‘X’ get it from Dunelm Mill did you?” and stuff like that


He was with me at the time. We were picking locks together.
He mentioned it for years. like the day after it broke he left his pie in my car on purpose. I used that as a way to mean we were even but he always said it didn’t count.

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I enjoyed the spoiler bit a lot and this is very reminiscent of #ma0smfamilybants

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Do they do vegetarian ones? If so then I am all over it!

I have never been to Wales although may go in a couple of weeks as I will be quite close so might just duck over the border.

Sorry I was trying to sound cool. My dad will probably glue it together

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For your visit, I’m sure they can, just lete know when’s good.

So you broke his lockpick and stole his pie, yet he’s the bad person here?

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Hi, I’m your son’s friend - the guy who lived in Australia and Holland.


Nobody wanted the pie. I had to deal with his pie.

I’ve been really marvelling at just how close it is. (To call it a station seems a bit much though, it’s literally one platform that goes both directions with room to board/alight at one carriage only) it is however extremely close, I would suggest that it would take longer to get from the front room to the bottom of their garden than it would for me to get from their front room to the platform. Really very convenient indeed.

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I don’ think people that attach a sentimental value to a plywood bat that they are willing to bring to the park, but get all crestfallen when it breaks are people I want to be friends with. Basically, if you are hassle, I’m binning you off