How fast do you think you'd be able to run 100 metres right now


say there was a running track right outside the office. you would be provided with some decent spikes, but other than that, no further accessories will be provided. you’d also be given ten minutes to warm up/psyche yourself up

bout 16 seconds, for me


Hmm, not sure, good question. Reckon 18 seconds or so maybe?


What is the world record?


Be surprised if it’s under 20 secs to be honest, but I am a fair old lump.


yeah, bout 16 seconds seems the right ballpark, maybe a little bit slower, more a distance man


13.0 maybe 12.5 seconds at a push.


Got a running track near my house so I’ve timed myself. Obviously. 13.49s and this was after running 5k so probably about 13s.


12-13 seconds at a guess. Doubt I’d be up to dipping under 12 seconds, but I’ve not timed myself at anything under 400m in years so I might be able to surprise myself.


this seems fast. have you taken into consideration what you’re wearing right now?

it’s entirely plausible that your wearing shorts and a T, but yeah


Not sure I’d make it.


it’s cheating if someone pushes


3 or 4 days, I reckon


I’m dipping for the line with Colin in 12-13 seconds.


Just slightly faster than @sadpunk - not willing to prove it though


yeah i had the school record for my age just over 12:00. think it’d take me about 15-16 now days.


I’m wearing my running gear.


13secs, sub 13 if I put down my Flamin’ Hot Monster Munch which I’m not sure I’m prepared to do.


Probably about a hour.


Won the 100m at sports day can’t remember my time. Now probably 20s if I hitched up my dress.


Probably just about sub 20 but i have just had a pint and a pasty.