How foggy is your Sunday

:blush: Morning :blush:

Great John Carpenter weather here this morning.

What’s happening today lovely people of DiS?

I’m going to make some mackerel pate later on but now, cardamom bun and chai in bed.

Tell me about your Sundays. Tell me about yourselves. Frasier voice I’m listening…


Well foggeh! I just got up and made a massive bottle of ribena squash with ice and have almost finished it already.

After having a grand total of three gins last night I also decimated three mini mince pies and two slices of toast. The toast happened when I woke up at 2am.

Woke up yesterday to a message from the guy I like, and also went to bed to a message from the guy I like. I also wasn’t a numpty for once so wins wins wins all round.

Definitely going to have a banger of a breakfast shortly and watch Sunday brucnh with a humungous mug of tea.


Going to get boostered then go for a walk with my pal who is also getting boostered at the same time. Will be in the really posh part of town so I need to iron my cravat.


Work :disappointed:

I’m on top of a massive coastal hill. About 40% of my life is spent in fog


:frowning: I hope it goes quickly

Good morning and foggy sunday to all

It has been pretty much like this since yesterday morning

Forecast says ‘very poor’ visibility for the whole of today as well. Maybe the gloom will never lift.

Had a bacon sandwich for breakfast. Going to the football this afternoon - hopefully it’s a bit less foggy in Wolvo.


All fog all day here. Had planned for a nice dog walk with family but not safe in this weather :slightly_frowning_face:

Update: no longer In fog

It is foggy innit
Another day, another football match, assuming it’s not Covid’d off.
Breakfast first and coffee. Lots of coffee.


Morning all!

I haven’t looked out of a window yet but I’ll do fog watch later.

It was my turn to get up with The Child this morning so we’ve been up watching videos since before 7.00. I played hardball about taking turns so she got ten minutes of science videos in exchange for some three minute annoying bullshit songs.

We’re going to Edinburgh today for Xmas lunch with my inlaws. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

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Ah that’s a shame, hope you get to make up for it soon

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Morning all.

Got up at 6:30 to watch the cricket (glutton for punishment) and shortly going on a foggy run.

New Spiderman film later at the everyman. May play some Halo later too.


Update: M stole bun after just one bite.

Little does she know I have a second one I’m going to eat in secret in the kitchen


At the airport. Got fascist saluted at the train station by some loser (I have some leftist-separatist patches on my rucksack) so that’s a nice way to leave Spain for a few weeks


Welcome back to the worst island of all time.

I’m regretting something I’ve posted to you (because I’d really like to have it myself right now)


Quite fancy a bit of something I’m gonna post to you when I get to the uk tbh, but it’s already been checked in :frowning:

Appreciate it’s a hard thing to draw but I’m enjoying the ‘fuck it, this’ll do’ energy from the BBC app this morning:



Going to drink my tea, get up, eat eggs, go see a doggo, home for cake for dad’s birthday and then mrS has suggested a takeaway…

Anglos s Sunday all xx


I forgot to put a disclaimer in with yours saying to give the goodies a chance, suspect you’ll think “no thanks” but trust me.

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