How foggy is your Sunday

Light fog here (uphill from Rob)

Hungover and it wasn’t even a fun night :frowning:

Meeting someone later to finally talk some things through, I want to do it but it’s probably not going to be very nice


Anyway, foggy enough here. Bit nippy too. Bumped into Mr Kingfisher on the walk in, so that was nice


Oh no, creepy hug for you :hugs:

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How’s your cuddly Percy pig stock??

No fog here as far as I can see.

The forecast says MIST but I’m calling it out as bullshit.

Non existent


Tea audit

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  • :no_entry_sign: :tea:

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I should stop reading the weekend daily threads because I just get jealous of everyone’s breakfasts.

Bare foggy innit
Off my ED night shift, fucking hell

Eaten 2 (two) sausage and bacon baguettes and my rage over the shitshow that is some members of the British public is subsiding a bit

Hardly ever come to social board anymore, hiiiiiiiiii


All the best for later today

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Woken up by a pack of wolves howling at an ungodly close volume.


It’s a sign. They’re your new premier league team


Today is Im_on_safari’s annual ‘Stay at home and watch TV and drink as much beer as I can as my wife and kids go and visit other cousins and kids day!!’
The most wonderful day of the year!


Proper gloomy out but! It’s my last day on antibiotics! I’m going to see my family! Yay!


Back to Yorkshire today.

Also on team not looked outside yet. We had a good mist yesterday though

My friend was desperate for one. Trowvegas came up trumps yesterday.

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Feeling a wee bit shivery and my throat feels a bit grotty :grimacing: Hope it’s just the result of a boozy weekend and passes

Have had a sore throat and ears since Monday but still neg ltf so hopefully it’s a case of end of term lurgy. Gonna enjoy the non dreadness of this Sunday :sunglasses:


Moooorning :wave:

Have woken up with incredible hair, and when I say incredible I mean incredibly mad.

Edinburgh is probably foggy. The tv is in the living room so I can’t get in to have a look out the windows.

Got a big glass of dilute juice and it is the best thing ever.


Rick stein was trying to eat curry with his hands but he wasn’t even putting the food in his mouth, just near his lips and letting the rest drop. Infuriating.

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