How foggy is your Sunday

Might go back to sleep actually. Woke up in a bit of a panic because I thought I heard someone at the door but nobody was there.

Mornin’. No fog to speak of in SO50 :frowning: bit of fog in my brain though. Slept for like 10 hours straight. Need to decide if i’m going back up to Nodnol today, depends if I can see my pal later today but feel like covid says not. Might try to get a little river walk in if nowt else.

Morning all.

Foggy here (unsurprising seeing as I’m @ a mile and a half from @scout) though the sun now appears to be having a crack at burning it off.

Had a fried egg sandwich for breakfast.

The dog has been walked abd had did breakfast and has been sleeping on the sofa like he’s done a day down the pit ever since.

Not much planned for today. Trying to get life admin stuff done.

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Forgot to mention that i’m drinking coffee and watching seinfeld. (Mulva episode.)


Just laughed remembering some absolute flannel flight attendant on a ryanair flight back from Spain a few years ago that said something like ‘I have the right to throw you off the flight if I don’t see you watching the safety presentation’ or something.


ironically that doesn’t sound very safe




goes without saying as well, it is ver ver foggy here

this is me rn

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Back in the fog

Just did a big bit of really dry coughing until I vommed.

The TV broke the shower when he was here (or it just happened to break when he was here but I’m blaming him because he also let all his hairs go down the plug hole every day and now its also blocked and i cant handle removing the hairs by hand and don’t have a plunger :face_vomiting: I do wonder how some people get by in their own houses when they do this sort of thing) Anyway, my landlady still hasn’t got anyone out to sort it. Will anyone come before Xmas?!

It’s foggy but not really dense fog

Mr Froglet is out getting boosted. I’m still in bed.

Plans for the day are to finish sewing together the jumper I’m making

Hope it goes ok and hope you feel better for it afterwards :hugs:

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Barley always has the pleasure of grappling with my mound of hair in the shower plug because I can’t be dealing with it and for some reason he finds it rewarding. I’ll send him round.


Last day of self isolation for me, thank goodness.

Just done a fry up, then going to do some housework and maybe write some Christmas cards as I can go outside to post them tomorrow.

Edit: no fog here in Cardiff as far as I can see out the kitchen window

Time for second breakfast I reckon.

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Pretty foggy down at the Mersey


I bet he does the dirty old bollocks


Need to get some yellow balls out

Fucking hell :joy: