How foul mouthed are you?



You swear much?

  • All the fucking time
  • A fair shitting bit
  • Sometimes (bum)
  • Not often
  • Never.

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How does that compare to you ten years ago?

  • All the fucking time
  • A fair shitting bit
  • Sometimes (bum)
  • Not often
  • Never.

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Some conversation dips you can help yourselves to ITT

  • At what age were you sweariest?
  • Do you swear in front of your parents?
  • Do you have other words you use in place of particular swear words?
  • Do you call it swearing, or cursing, or something else?
  • Is it problematic that most of the swear words in the English language revolve around sex?
  • Any good swearing anecdotes?


One time I nearly got disqualified from a penoid tournament for swearing too much.


Can turn it on and off like a cunting tap.

Foul mouthed: office at work, with wife, mates, car.
Not at all foul mouthed: the rest of the time.


once sat watching some action film (may be die hard?) with some friends and their very christian mother.

The character in the film said something like “(put your hands on the car and) prepare to die MotherFucker!!”

Friends mum just shouts up…whats a mother fucker? is it someone that fucks their mother?

was all VERY weird.


Yeah this was the problem. Grew up in a right sweary household.


I swear like a sailor. All the time. Been trying to moderate it at work but I still swear lots.


I like swearing.

Does the word cunt offend you?

  • Yes
  • No it doesn’t

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Swear a fair bit. Seem to have a mutual understanding with my parents that if we’re going to do a proper swear around each other, it has to be done in a funny accent or other highlighted way to add humour to it.

The big issue is trying not to swear around my daughter who’s currently picking up words pretty fast. Pretty sure she said “Shit” the other day when she knocked over a bowl of cereal. I’m was like “Sit?! Yes, you’re sitting!” but it might be too late.


really fucking sweary

have you even read my posts




Quite bad. I do that thing that Dee Dee (from Limmy’s Show) does where I use “fuckinnnn…” to fill gaps when I can’t think of the right word straight away.


Well, this is awkward.


Not really me, but I understand why it upsets a lot of people, so I don’t use it.


I bet this version is on another penoid internet forum out there


The sad thing is that it definitely, definitely won’t.


Gf’s nephew went through a phase of telling everything to fuck off and calling everything you bitch. Found him once bashing an umbrella on the floor going YOU BITCH! YOU BITCH! YOU BITCH!


27 years old he etc


I’ve got a real potty mouth. The word “fucking” is in most of my sentences.


Remember when my cousin was about nine or so (and I would have been about 12), we went out playing and he would not stop swearing. Must have literally just discovered it, everything was fucking this, shit that. Even as a foul-mouthed child, I remember thinking it was over the top.


think it’s probably funnier that he was 4 this time