How frequently do you manually save documents you're working on?

It’s around once a minute for me. Not really consciously, more of a well-honed Ctrl+S instinct.


Not often enough

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Yep, compulsively. Sometimes the TV will be like 2 hours into making a spreadsheet and ask for my help and I realise it’s not ever been saved. Madness.

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very regularly since the tab on my text editor goes RED for unsaved work and I’m one of those people who can’t bear to have unread notifications on their phone etc

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The software we use automatically saves after every command. But on other software, maybe every hour?

At hometime…

Same, unconscious Ctrl+S every minute. I find I sometimes even do it when using web applications / filling in forms / posting on websites out of habit too


If by “documents” you mean “save game files” then the answer is that I have them set to autosave daily with incremental saves as opposed to overwriting saves.

Never, we work in Google docs / sheets etc so it’s all autosaved.

Thankfully don’t have to use Office much in my work - although some people in this office have perfected the art of taking a week to create basic presentations and get away with it.

For my writing hobby, it’s usually at the end of every significant paragraph.

Very rarely work on documents. So, never.

Thank you for your contribution.


My PC in this new job likes to crash Word and Excel a couple of times a day at least, so it’s upped my save timings to every time I do a bit of work

Once a day or so, then?


Much like the bar that Del Boy fell through, that was left open and the consequences were hilarious.

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