How fucked is your back?

Feel like my back is getting fucked, I slouch all the time and my spine doesn’t seem great. Sometimes will get a horrific pain spasm if I lean too much backwards.

How’s your back?

Good riddance!


Seriously though that’s not good, hope it’s better now


Work on exercising the muscles that support your back. More often than not back complaints arent down to bone/spine or nerve issues but rather muscle support not being evenly distributed. You can get referred to a physio who can provide exercises on the NHS if its causing discomfort


Thanks but I don’t like to use the NHS, it ain’t too bad, I should consciously try to work on my posture

The NHS is literally there for you to use and you’ll be using the routine services and not the emergency ones. Stomp the problem out early when its less of an issue rather than letting it get worse (where it’ll not only potentially reduce your quality of life but also me more compelx to fix and potentially costly for the NHS to remedy if thats your worry)(


Had one slight lower back injury once, I think due to poor form using dumbbells. Took ages to go away, used to wrap around to my abdomen whenever I felt the twinge. Cheers.

7/10 pain and below I will never go to a doctors, only go if I really think I might be dying of something. I know it will probably mean I have a shorter or lower quality of life, that’s the bargain for me avoiding stuff but I’m ok with that bargain

If somethings not right, get it checked out, advise to go by from experience. The most innocuous of things can turn out to be the start of something much worse. You can even chose to not get treatment if they’re like ‘yeah just need to work on your posture a bit’ (and they’ll happily give you adivse’

You usually get accessed before getting full physio anyways

Absolutely fucked. I have 2 diagnosed upper spinal conditions, sciatica, aches and pains all over and terrible posture.

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Think some of mine might be from incorrectly picking up boxes in warehouse work, felt like a dope bending all the time so sometimes didn’t bother and was lazy

I’m a hypochondriac so refuse to allow myself to think about it in those terms or I will obsess, sorry

10/10 but that’s down to pure luck on the genetics front and continual work every day on my posture.

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You do always look posturific

suspected fractured coccyx last November, still not healed

get sciatica quite badly

get nerve pain a bit

get very minor lower back pain whenever I wash up or hang washing up to dry

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Thats fine. Personally I recommend getting it checked out. You’re not wasting anyone’s time. But you’re of course free to do what you want. Just dont like people feeling guilty about using services they’re entitled to.

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I know and you’re a kind person, I’m aware it’s my irrational perculiarities but you have to pick your battles with your own mental health don’t you :slight_smile:

As someone who has suffered with mental health the majority of their life I totally understand

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Generally pretty good, I do a lot of strength training now which has helped a lot with the aches and pains. Would benefit more from losing some more weight though.


Used to be worse but now it’s better

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