🎮 How Fun Was It: Cannon Fodder

  1. Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 (4.5)
  2. Sonic 2 (4.27)
  3. Rollercoaster Tycoon (4.2)
  4. Sonic The Hedgehog (4.1)
  5. Sonic Mania (3.97)
  6. Oddworld: Abes Exodus (3.77)
  7. Sonic & Knuckles (3.71)
  8. Sonic 3 (3.62)
  9. Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 (3.7)
  10. Sonic Adventure (2.87)
  11. Sonic Adventure 2 (2.62)
  12. Sonic Generations (2.53)
  13. Sonic 4 (2.47)
  14. Sonic (2006) (1.67)

Time to reflect on Sensible software’s classic ‘Cannon Fodder’

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Im not going to lie, I made this thread purely to post that song.


What’s with the star by Sonic 2006?

Typing error

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That song was not on my (DOS) version of cannon fodder as far as I remember.

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Never heard of the game but gave it a 1 based on how bad that song is

First easy five so far for me in the games category.

I was really proud of getting Jools and Jops to General rank, and upset when they died and ended up on boot hill.

Also: great level names.

This game is not in any way endorsed by the Royal British Legion…


Think I was too young for it

Ban request.

But then again robbed from the context of the game I imagine it’ll come across way more tone death. The game is very anti war if you’re concerned about the political tone.


It was only on CD versions of the game IIRC

never heard of it mate.

can we get some real games up like fifa and grand theft auto please.

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Fucking out of touch of your British game industry roots son, Sensible games are PIVOTAL in our gaming DNA MATE


Also yeah this game is fantastic

Terribly hard and the permadeath element and how it was displayed was fantastic. Was always heartbroken when one of me troops died in battle and got put up boot hill

The endless line of recruits too. (RIP Jools)


This music is harrowing, poor guys fates being sealed.


I used to play it at my friend’s house cause he had an Amiga. I can’t remember too much about it other than we had fun and it seemed silly.

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It was more the fact its shite tbh. Although I’m now listening again and I quite like it haha

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There might be bias here because back in the day video games didn’t have music with vocals on it and it blew my little mind

Never played or seen Trolls before but it would, visually at least, appear to be made by the James Pond devs? Im going to see if I’m correct and research

I was wrong :frowning:

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