🎮 How Fun Was It: Croc

They gave the gobos dialogue for starters. The game got hard because he controlled like a car and some levels didn’t agree with that AT ALLLLl

To clarify. As I did with Die Hard Trilogy the games that get these threads follow the criteria of ‘was it popular enough for people to have an opinion on it’ otherwise I’d run out of material super quick.

My pal’s little sister was obsessed with Tombi. Not sure if she ever finished it but she’d hog the PlayStation for hours on end and we couldn’t kick her off.

Never heard of Croc. Wake me up when it’s time to vote for Soviet Strike.

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oh not complaining at all, just thought Croc to get thrown into some kind of PS1 era 3d platformer mega thread with things like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Ape Escape etc. rather than getting its own thread

do you have any racing games on your list (assuming you have a list) btw? would be well up for a Gran Turismo/Wipeout/Burnout/others thread/threads

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Dear @anon73286315,

Will you be doing Parappa the rapper/Vib Ribbon/Um Jammer Lammy at some point?




Absolute cunt controls


PM me suggestions and I’ll make sure they’re done :slight_smile:

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Aye PM me and I’ll make sure they’re done

Almost spat my lunch out

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Always through the was a frog up until halfway through watching the video above when I realised he’s a croc

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OF SHITE (oh I se we’ve done that already)

Don’t remember this game even existing. 1/5

It was a best seller in the UK for 2 months!

so was the simpsons wrestling

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Rating the original banjo so low?

Its damn well near a 4!!!

Also the original Banjo isn’t THAT good. Better than Croc, worse than Mario 64.

Nuts n Blots is the best Banjo game and is sitting on a 2.5

all rare n64 games were superb

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People would buy any old shit back then.

guys what was that game called with rik mayall and the pigs

When did you last play it? I imagine, as with most Rare games, nostalgia goggles are coming into play. I replayed Banjo and it looks great, is suepr charming and has some good mechanics but the game is kinda tedious. I gave it a 4 btw

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Hogs of War


Never heard of it. Still waiting for some more real games for real gamers. Call of duty, world of Warcraft etc.

Get on with it Corbyn