🎮 How Fun Was It: Final Fantasy 6 - 15

Thats fair just think they get short shrift in general. Just ignore the existence of 4:The After Years
1 through 3 are creaky as fuck obvs.

Wonder what kind of bad European accent they will give Bugenhagen?

In those days it would be sometime shours before dialogue scenes so it felt like when the characters were talking it was important and became memorable.
VO is so easy these days that it can be too much and a lot of fluff.

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Totally. Plus adding the voices in your head can make characters much more appealing. For example, Hope in XIII sounds like a little annoying dick, whereas Vivi doesn’t have that at all - but could have if he’d had an actual voice, given his age.


God I hated Hope.

feel like I should play XIII, It can’t be any worse than X

Prepare to be shocked


It is REALLY bad (I rate it 1 star, for reference the other ones im not so hot on I rated 3)

VIII is my fave despite the story going to crap later on…though I have a soft spot for how odd it is. Otherwise, it has my favourite of the soundtracks (VII probs equal too), I like how much you can break the combat which is fun on later playthroughs, it’s got Triple Triad which is great. Think it is also because I watched my Dad play it when it came out and have nostalgia there.

X is probably on par, I like the turn-based system where you can delay hits and things. Also got nostalgia, me and brother bought it together when we were 10 and 8 and played it for like 200 hours getting everything. I’ve played it 3 or 4 times since and really like that it is about 20 or so hours, relatively replayable if you mainline it. Fuck that zombie Seymour fight though on Mt Gagazet…every time…

VII I also watched my Dad play through and holds the nostalgia vote…honestly each of these 3 just holds a special place in my heart, they are so entwined with my early love of video games and I find it hard to be critical of them. The first time seeing the world open up when you leave Midgar was mindblowing to 6 year old me.

15 is fine, all I have to say there :joy:

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have only played a bit of 9 in the early 00s and a bit of 7 a couple of years back (got it for a 5er on ps store). 9 really grabbed my attention but i never finished it, and 7 just seemed like a relic, hate turn based battles and that, and the sound design was appalling.

did try one of the flashier new ones a while back, where at the start you’re in a futuristic corridor fighting digital tigers, or some shit? think your character is a young woman? anyway it felt really arcadey so i binned it off.

never really “got” the final fantasy games, even though i find the art design and lore of each game quite interesting. i just can’t be bothered playing them. so yeah, abstaining.

ah no :frowning:

The Balamb Garden music is also very relaxing to just put on when you are cleaning or something.


love that piece

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Uematsu probably wrote more great music in the 6 years from 1994-2000 than any other artist has ever managed


this one i think:



I really rate Lightning as a lead character (and Fang was grand too, though that might just be my affinity for L/F slash-fic talking …) but that’s about it

oh yeah i liked the character, game just did nothing for me tho

Yeah it’s not a good example of the strengths of FF at all. It cannot be overstated how disappointing the corridor aspect was, given how quickly you get to experience other areas and the world map in other FF games.

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Whoops this one should have come before VII.

After diving into so many FF games I decided to go through the whole series. I got Origins and Anthology and emulated III and then it came time to do VI. There wasn’t an easy way of playing VI over here so I went with an emulator and at first impression it appeared great. The opening is so melancholy, the characters immediately pop and the story seemed really original for a SNES era game. Then I got to the fight where you get Sabin with a forced tutorial on his Blitz ability. Well, for some reason the emulator I was using didn’t register the input for his Blitz which meant I couldn’t progress any further. And that’s as far as I’ve ever got with it. VI is a huge gaping hole in my gaming experience and that needs to be filled. I know I could easily emulate the GBA version now, I just… haven’t yet. One day. One day.