🎮 How Fun Was It: Final Fantasy 6 - 15

End boss let’s it down a bit.
Great to have a lighthearted character after Squall.
Plus 9 has the best character in ff (Vivi)


It was groundbreaking for its time and for breadth of music it’s never been bettered. Dunno if you would get much out of it now though

Freya is my fav


Vivi too though, even Steiner has a good arc!


Yep some great character arcs and beats. Prob more so than any other ff.

VI though…

Locke and his gf, terra and the orphanage, cyan seeing the ghost of his family on the train, shadow and relm, remarkable for 1994

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The reason 9 is the pinnacle of final fantasy is because its the only one without annoying characters


I’d love 4/5/6 on Switch. Played 6 on snes mini but the others not in years.


Quina, queen Brahms…those fucking tedious jesters

Dyou know who’s a fucking prick:
Irvine Kinneas


That fucking porn mag bit!

I’d even forgot about that.
He’s just a real sleazy fucker.
And the only cowboy in the world apparently!

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I mean it’s hard to really judge groundbreaking but the impression I get is that it was depth of gameplay in an RPG that was considered the big plus here. But I’m wary of games being pegged as groundbreaking as often it’s that a game managed to be a huge hit and that’s because it did the one thing it needed to do very well: it was immense fun. I’m not sure any game has ever been lauded because of the technology behind it alone and often the ‘groundbreaking’ game didn’t break that ground but those that did weren’t as fun or as accessible.

(E.g. you cite the music but I’d say The Fate of Atlantis or Wing Commander are both examples of games with incredibly good soundtracks. Atlantis even had the iMuse system which allowed for a lot of very smooth transitions if and when, but I used to play that game for the music. Wing Commander’s score is really clever, it’s a full film’s score. But it was a niche game that could only really be played on a powerful subset of PCs and even fewer of those had soundcards to play the music.)

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Disc 1 of 8 is so good but the rest just goes to shit so fast, such a shame. Was a great game when you’re just running missions for garden at the start.

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It more just the range of styles and mastery of melody is second to none in my opinion, classic FF games have everything from bombastic orchestral, funk, folk, ambient, prog rock, ballads.

Gameplay wise I don’t think they really innovated much but the scope and ambition of the stories, cheesy and melodramatic as they were, were unrivalled at the time. Still don’t think you quite get that scope from much else.

Shout outs to Dancing Mad, only good prog rock song ever conceived.


Except maybe Ultima VII, that was mind blowing in a different way, the Skyrim of its day

Never got far with that. I mean there was a whole extra aspect of how you had to reboot your PC to play the bloody thing and how slow it was on my machine. I really enjoyed a lot of ideas and that little jig tune that used to play as you walked around with the wind noises is still one I recall immediately.

But I actually much preferred Ultima Underworld which was a sort of concurrent/sidequest game. A true and interesting 3D environment with a really great RPG advancement system etc. (It was made by the guys who did System Shock, Deus Ex and Thief: The Dark Project.) hey’re both on GOG Ultima™ Underworld 1+2 on GOG.com

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My parents got me a PS2 at the start of 2001. When they did the first game I went and immediately bought for full price wasn’t even a PS2 game. It was FF9 which had just come out. I’d always been entranced by the idea of the FF series but hadn’t been able to play them before so this was my first chance and what a reward it was. FF9 blew me away with its detail, its depth and its scope. I remember how mindblowing it was on Disc 2 when you go through Fossil Roo and realise what you thought was the world is only a fraction of it. Hell, just the fact it came out on four discs made it feel like the biggest game ever. The music is gorgeous, the characters are a delight, Chocobo Hot n Cold is the best minigame, the battle systems are tight, Vivi rules, Quina rules, Beatrix rules. It’s sheer perfection and my favourite game of all time.

Also big shoutout to FFX-2 which deserves way more love than it gets


Best FF protagonist

  • Terra
  • Cloud
  • Squall
  • Zidane
  • Tidus
  • Yuna
  • Vaan
  • Lightning
  • Noctis

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I had VI on my SNES and loved it dearly. Probably my second favourite RPG on the console behind Secret of Mana.

Then they went with Sony and left me behind. I borrowed a mates PS1 for a week and sprinted through VII in 35 hours. I really loved it though my man impression was that it was over reliant on lengthy cut scenes for its story beats, which was kinda jarring. I remember thinking, “man these guys really wanna make a movie - I bet it’d be amazing if they did!” Then they did, and it wasn’t.

I borrowed the same PS1 to play 8 but I bouncef off the magic system pretty quickly. And that was the last me and FF saw of each other. From the bits and pieces I’ve seen of the series since I can’t say I’m too sad.

Only VI would get into my all time top 5 RPGs I reckon.