🎮 How Fun Was It: Final Fantasy 6 - 15

Big fan of how this has repurposed as a general Final Fantasy thread btw :+1:

That battle theme :heart_eyes:

Honestly, even just getting fully orchestrated versions of the soundtrack is a pretty exciting prospect.


looks and sounds awesome but not sure I like the look of that battle system. maybe it’ll make more sense to me when actually playing it, or following a tutorial or twenty.

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Aren’t they offering a ‘classic mode’ battle system as well

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they are, although it’s not literally just the same as the original’s battle system iirc, think some bits get automated and you just pick the magic etc. from the menu like the old days.

we’ll see though, will make a proper judgement when I actually play it!

sorry to drag #musicchat onto the social board but the new M83 album sounds like it could be a FF soundtrack

Are they? That’s the best news of all!

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Ur ham

Hesitantly hyped

Willing to try the new one but very happy to be able to revert if it doesn’t feel right/is just too complicated for me

I’m going to grumpily ignore the new system at all costs

Honestly I know I’ll feel like I’m cheating on the original ff7 and the emotional connection I have to the shonky graphics and the evocative MIDI soundtrack, and I’ll feel really ashamed of how much energy I will dedicate to thinking about that

Will the golden saucer be in this one?

Nah. Midgar only at first (which is a bit irksome)

Fuck this then. Cloud better be in drag still at least.

Hadn’t been keeping up but was hoping it would be a direct remake.

It is, of the first disc. I think they’ll do the rest episodically or something

He will be it seems according to recent trailers

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Get in

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txpayXIYG_A - it’s charming that it has the same design as the original…I hope they bring back the ridiculous enemy designs too. The weird hell house in Midgar was always great/strange.