🎮 How Fun Was It: Final Fantasy 6 - 15

Zidane in FFIX must have you raging


still can’t get over headmaster cid’s arc, I mean wtf!

late but this has somewhat blown my mind - I remember getting it on release day and being well excited for it, playing through loads over the weekend. obviously was a while ago but twenty years?!

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Just thought I’d post in here to say that as a result of the (mostly) positive discussion of FFXII in this thread I decided to buy it for PS2 for a quid.

I’ve played VI-X and then sort of ran out of stopped paying attention to the series for a while. However, with all the free time on my hands, this is the perfect opportunity to get stuck into a massive, meaty RPG.

Love the story, the characters (surprisingly) and really enjoying the depth of the combat system. Also really enjoying knowing absolutely nothing about it prior to playing, and trying to keep that up by not looking up anything online (except for how to get the Zodiac Spear, as someone pointed out in this thread).

Only hitch so far is how there is a distinct lack of save points prior to a boss battle, which means I go in, get destroyed, and then have to trek back half an hour to the boss again. Happened twice now. Tsk. Other than that, really good fun, so cheers for the recommendation people!


need to stop go easier on those guardian forces pal


wondering whether I should give it another go in lockdown, it really rubbed me the wrong way tbh

oh duuude you should def play the hd remaster if poss

Just watched the trailer for this on Switch.

It does look awesome, and better in pretty much every way (the graphics as well as the gameplay) but then there’s the £30 price tag…or shell out for a PS4.

Would love to, but probably another (more solvent) day.

Well I knew absolutely nothing about it before I started playing. It was very slow, and at first the system of combat was basically “attack then get hit” or “run away”, but I really like all the gambit and license stuff. Very deep and rewarding.

However, I’m by no means an expert on RPGs. I’ve only really played FF and Paper Mario…

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