🎮 How Fun Was It: Final Fantasy 6 - 15


VIII, IX and X haunted my dreams. I wanted so badly to explore those worlds further

Don’t know about the best but it is an excellent game, just behind FFVII for me.

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just read about that

not sure how I felt about X-2. never completed it.

XII had the best gameplay. I love VII/VIII/IX/X’s music and storylines equally, the characters of X less so.

but X is so much more of a pleasure to replay than the PS1 games

like I said above ^, it’s just on balance

I don’t enjoy playing VII anymore, I find it pretty frustrating now, even though the story and etc are more compelling.

I think FFVII feels like a broken in pair of shoes to me these days, my hands just naturally do their thing and I don’t find it frustrating at all.

Except this bit.


FF lost me when it moved to double figures tbh.
X and X2 are good if odd.
That run of 6-9 though phwoar!!! (nice)

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recently replayed FFX and was surprised how funny and charming I found it. Still a lot of running in what were/are essentially corridors, but more than made up for by weird little bits of dialogue and facets of the story I’d forgotten. Previously had it down as the first not genuinely good one since 6 (if not earlier), now I think of it as the last genuinely good one
… now wondering if my impression X-2 will have improved with time

Really really really hope we get an FFX-3

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Became different games from 10 on for me. Feels like there was a lineage from the earliest ones through to to 9 that was broken then. Will give a modern FF another go through the FF7 remake if I ever get a Playstation or they release it on other platforms, but I’m sure nostalgia for the original would be doing some heavy lifting.

Yeah think that was at the time when Square were like “hang on FF games are massively popular in the west now… Let’s pander to Western tastes”
And the FF games weren’t really JRPGs anymore at least in a classic sense.
The Dragon Quest, Bravely and Octopath games are the real JRPGs from Square these days imo


Finished FFVII last night for maybe the 20th time. Should probably find some new games.

IX is next for maybe the 10th time…


Vivi 4 lyf


Such an existentially tragic but bloody great laugh of a smashing bunch of lads


Probably the FF character I most identified with as a youngster tbh (and maybe a touch of the grumpiness and living in his own head of early game Squall)