🎮 How Fun Was It: Sim City/The Sims

Got nae idea which of these I’ve played, but I never really enjoyed them much. Gave Sim City 2000 a 3 and The Sims a 2

Best PC game ever!!

love sim city 2000, going to download it now

Reticulating now *

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Sims was weirdly both stressful and relaxing at the same time.

Fucking idiots always leaving rubbish everywhere though


oh oh oh

obligatory memory of my friend at school getting angry during a PE lesson and resorting to doing the Sims’ angry animation (the stepping up and down thing) while doing the “hamana hamana” angry Sim voice

great memory

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Sim City 2000 was the first game I got properly addicted to, used to love the alien invasion although the disappointment of your city being destroyed was devastating.

Sim Ant on the other hand was not a good Sims game.


u take that back

always wondered what SimAnt looked like. I remember seeing the box when we’d go to PC World

oh right

The original Sims was genuinely innovative for its time, and oddly subversive in a Theme Hospital kind of way.

The Sims 2 set the series on its trajectory of offering increasingly anodyne, smoothed-over features and utterly cynical cashgrab DLCs, however it had some of the old charm and is the one I remember the most fondly because I played it to death in my uni days. The best thing about it was that you could manipulate the facial feature sliders to produce some absolute grotesques, then breed them together to create even more disgusting children. Later iterations of course made sure you couldn’t do this, fucking idiots at Maxis who wouldn’t know fun if it bit them on the bum.

Sim City 2000 was one of the first video games I ever seriously played. My dad had it on his laptop and I was constantly badgering him to let me play it. I could never figure out why, after my city got to a population of about 20k it would suddenly start decaying, whole districts going derelict. I tried everything to stop it from happening, different designs and builds etc but nothing worked and I got really frustrated and even distressed about it. Turns out my dad’s laptop couldn’t handle a larger population than that, and that was how the game coped with the load. Note to video game developers: Please don’t design your game to do this.


Fond memories of building my hard working public sector employees a pool hall and leaving the dumbass Bloaty Head sufferers to sort themselves out.

[As an addendum to the earlier comment about “who would buy a game that’s just about normal life”, you’ve got to admire a game that’s just “managing the efficient delivery of public services”.]

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this reminds me of one of my favourite Monster Factory episodes

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I love my alien octopus monster baby


The hair is the making of her :smiley: