🎮 How Fun Was It: Tetris

  1. |Portal|4.74|
  2. |Portal 2|4.71|
  3. |Half-Life 2|4.66|
  4. |Half-Life|4.55|
  5. |Final Fantasy 7|4.54|
  6. |Rollercoaster tycoon 2|4.5|
  7. |Mario Kart 64|4.49|
  8. |Final Fantasy 9|4.46|
  9. |Sonic 2|4.27|
  10. |Rollercoaster tycoon |4.2|
  11. |Final Fantasy 6|4.14|
  12. |Counter-Strike|4.14|
  13. |Sonic The Hedgehog|4.1|
  14. |Cannon Fodder |4.07|
  15. |Sonic Mania |3.97|
  16. |Crash Team Racing|3.93|
  17. |Diddy Kong Racing|3.89|
  18. |Oddworld: Abes Exodus|3.77|
  19. |Left 4 Dead|3.73|
  20. |Sonic & Knucles|3.71|
  21. |Left 4 Dead 2|3.71|
  22. |Final Fantasy 12|3.7|
  23. |Final Fantasy X|3.66|
  24. |Team Fortress 2|3.65|
  25. |Sonic 3|3.62|
  26. |Final Fantasy 8|3.6|
  27. |Die Hard Trilogy|3.5|
  28. |Counter-Strike GO|3.44|
  29. |Rollercoaster Tycoon 3|3.17|
  30. |Sonic Adventure |2.87|
  31. |Final Fantasy X-2|2.73|
  32. |Final Fantasy 14|2.67|
  33. |Sonic Adventure 2|2.62|
  34. |Sonic Generations|2.53|
  35. |Final Fantas 15|2.53|
  36. |Sonic 4|2.47|
  37. |Final Fantasy 13|2.1|
  38. |Final Fantasy 11|1.88|
  39. |Sonic (2006)|1.67|

DOTA 2, Gary’s Mod and Day of Defeat didn’t get enough votes to qualify

SO uhhhhh TETRIS

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  • 4
  • 5

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Wtf did RCT3 get such a low score?

Easy 5. Got dozens of games on my Switch and I’ll still default to cracking out a game of Tetris if I don’t know what I want to do.

Probably the only game that could truly be called perfect by so many people from so many different backgrounds with so many varying tastes in video games.

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I gave it a 4. I remember at the time it launched it was quite demanding and poorly optimized so ran like SHITE on most pc hardware that wasn’t optimized for gaming at the time. Certainly hurt my enjoyment of it back then and I thought it sucked, but having played it again recently it was a lot better than I remember. Though I prefer the atmosphere of the wee isometric parks more overall,.

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Finally, a game I’ve actually played!

I’m not sure if I’d describe it as fun. But there’s something deeply satisfying about destroying shapes through tessellation.


It ran like a pig at the time - only really came into its own years later when PCs that could run a park at more the 5 frames a second started to be built and that reputation stuck.

Tetris Effect in VR is incredible, it truely is a medative outer body experience. But that being said, the game is probably better in the long run on TV. Especially if you’re lucky enough to have an OLED tv and 4k console because holy moly the visuals pop on that set up

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Got a bit obsessed with Tetris Blitz a few years back. Love all the crazy power-ups. The original is a classic as well.

Definite 5 from me. I doubt I have played any game as much as I have Tetris from the Gameboy, DS, and now Switch versions.

A huge root cause of my Repetitive Strain Injury, 1/5

incredible game 5/5 obviously


My typical game strategy is to…

  • Eliminate one line at a time, keeping the height of the blocks as low as possible
  • Eliminate a few lines at a time, not building up too much height but getting the satisfaction of slaying multiple lines in one go
  • Eliminate 4 lines every time, all or nothing

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I dont want to be ‘that’ guy but…

It depends on the situation, right?


Unless it’s getting very tight at the top, I never do anything other than 4 at a time


I’m really bad at Tetris and it annoys me. 1/5

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Ah. That’s interesting - I had a shitty laptop at the time and thought it was because of that. It did cut out every half an hour or so

It’s a 4 for me. Excellent execution of a simple idea, but it doesn’t have the hold of a Zelda or Portal.



I used to be obsessed with speed Tetris where you had to eliminate 40 lines as quickly as possible. OBSESSED. My wrists didn’t hold out in time for me to get my time below 1 minute though :frowning: (think my PB was 1m 4s)

Know this lad who used to be the world Tetris champion… He obviously went on to become a Countdown champion and was pretty obnoxious about it, although he’s ok when he’s not being competitive. Fun stories:

  • his own dad rooted against him in the final of his series because he got ‘too intense’ when practising for the finals

  • in the build up to Champion of Champions he practised with a full bladder in case he needed to power through needing a wee on set (my best mate smashed him in his first game tho)

  • he once spent 5 minutes arguing with me that Finland wasn’t in the EU. I was in Finland at the time. They use Euros. yes I know technically not all countries that use Euros are in the EU, but they’re all small countries and I can name them all

His pb on 40 lines was something like 15 seconds?? (Can’t remember exactly)


100 people asked Paul Scholes for the name of the purest video-game of all time. He said “Tetris” 100 times.