🎮 How Fun Was It: Tetris

It’s a 4 for me. Excellent execution of a simple idea, but it doesn’t have the hold of a Zelda or Portal.



I used to be obsessed with speed Tetris where you had to eliminate 40 lines as quickly as possible. OBSESSED. My wrists didn’t hold out in time for me to get my time below 1 minute though :frowning: (think my PB was 1m 4s)

Know this lad who used to be the world Tetris champion… He obviously went on to become a Countdown champion and was pretty obnoxious about it, although he’s ok when he’s not being competitive. Fun stories:

  • his own dad rooted against him in the final of his series because he got ‘too intense’ when practising for the finals

  • in the build up to Champion of Champions he practised with a full bladder in case he needed to power through needing a wee on set (my best mate smashed him in his first game tho)

  • he once spent 5 minutes arguing with me that Finland wasn’t in the EU. I was in Finland at the time. They use Euros. yes I know technically not all countries that use Euros are in the EU, but they’re all small countries and I can name them all

His pb on 40 lines was something like 15 seconds?? (Can’t remember exactly)


100 people asked Paul Scholes for the name of the purest video-game of all time. He said “Tetris” 100 times.


It’s like Rubik’s Cubes isn’t it. Too hard 1/5

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Has anyone posted the Andrew Lloyd Webber-penned Tetris dance track yet?

5/5 it’s perfect.

Went through an obsessive stage as a kid and got crazy good at it. Had nothing to compare it to so don’t know HOW good I was, but I’m convinced I can’t have been too far off being a lame little wonderkid

Then spent most of 6th form playing it because it was one of the only games you could get on (thanks, school firewall)

Love tetris effect and 99, love the music, just bloody love it mates



Damn! I missed the Valve games?

Portal, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, Half Life 2 - all 5/5.

Used to play against my flatmate for money. 5/5

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It’s not for me, Clive. I can appreciate the simplicity of it’s design but I get bored of it fairly quickly. It lacks the excitement I look for from action games and the immersive world I look for from RPG games. 3/5 because it’s obviously very well designed.

The story of how Tetris came to be made is fucking mental btw. Would love to see someone make a movie out of that.

Do you play any other Puzzle games? Because, genuinely, you’re the first gamer I’ve ever seen say Tetris wasn’t for them.

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Can we all appreciate the often overlooked ‘b’ theme please?

So good.


Have you not read this thread? 3 or 4 people got there first :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re wrong and just salty that ANOTHER game is RIGHTFULLY considered better than FF7 and want to stop it from reflecting on the board, thats my conspiracy theory at least :wink:

I love Portal a whole load and I’ve wasted a lot of time playing Bejeweled :slight_smile:

Any fan of Tetris should watch this.

Which ones have you played poll.

  • Tetris (Gameboy)
  • Welltris
  • Hatris
  • Super Tetris (Amiga/DOS)
  • Tetris 2+ Bombliss
  • Tetris 2 (Gameboy)
  • Tetris Battle Gaiden
  • Super Tetris 3
  • Tetris II
  • Tetris Blast
  • Tetris Attack
  • 3D Tetris
  • Tetris Plus
  • Tetris Plus 2
  • Tetrisphere
  • Tetris DX (Gameboy Color)
  • Tetris 4D
  • Tetris 64
  • Tetris: The Grand Master
  • The New Tetris
  • The Next Tetris
  • Tetris: The Absolute Grandmaster 2
  • Tetris Worlds
  • Tetris Elements
  • Tetris: The Grand Master 3 Terror Instinct
  • Tetris: The Grand Master Ace
  • Tetris Mania
  • Tetris DS
  • Tetris Evolution
  • Tetris Zone
  • Tetris Splash
  • Tetris Party
  • Tetris Part Deluxe
  • Tetris (EA Games)
  • Tetris Axis
  • Tetris Blitz
  • Tetris (EA Games) (AGAIN)
  • Puyo Puyo Tetris
  • Tetris Battle
  • Tetris Battle Fusion
  • Tetris Ultimate
  • Tetris Effect
  • Tetris 99

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:musical_score: da da da daa da da daa da da daa da da daa da da daa da daa daa daa, da dar daa da da daa da daa da dar daa da da daa da dar dar dar, ooo ooo ooo ooo oo oo oo oo oooo, ooo ooo ooo ooo oo oo oo oo oooo , da da da daa da da daa da da daa da da daa da da daa da daa daa daa, da dar daa da da daa da daa da dar daa da da daa da dar dar dar :notes:


Puyo Puyo Tetris, Tetris 99 and Tetris Effect are the best Tetris games IMHO, what a great time to be a Tetris fan!


Tetris DS is my ultimate jam.

Did anyone ever play Bastet, aka Bastard Tetris, where the algorithm gives you the worst block possible? It is horrid