How funny are you?

Never knowingly made a funny/told a joke…

I’m hilarious, yeah.

Once did a work skills kind of test where it told you your professional strengths. The categories were like ‘Creative’, ‘Good judgement’, ‘Temperance’, ‘Team-work’ and I was well upset because I got ‘Humour’. Everything else had really obvious practical applications and mine was like, being a fucking clown. However, I’ve since realised it’s basically ‘you’re probably not qualified for your job but no one wants to fire you’, and I’ll take that.

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I’m quick witted if you really stretch the definition of wit

Last week I said something so funny at the dinner table that our youngest (13yo) laughed so hard he choked then threw up. It was brilliant.

Other than that, not very.


Drunkedly tried to explain to my missus why this is funny on our first date;

No idea how we even had a second date


Eye of the beholder innit (so, funniest man alive obviously).

Posting the definition of wit in a font that looks stretched

  • Funny
  • Mildly amusing
  • Mediocre
  • Get back to work you

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i think i might think i’m funnier than i am…
but i am pretty fucking funny tbh


Basically treat life as a stand up routine


Quite regularly make my best friend laugh until she cries and nearly wets herself at the same time.

Even she doesn’t find me as funny as I find myself.

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Quite good at the lowest forms of wit puns and talking about farts and that

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when i’m around a group of my oldest friends i think i’m actually v funny and quick witted

when i’m around literally anyone else i’m dull as fuck

Funnier than my posts here make me seem.

I’m not good with jokes tho, I don’t have any jokes at all. I wouldn’t be good at stand up i don’t think.
Also need the right audience, no squares

i would be genuinely delighted if anyone considered me ‘the funny one’ in any situation. literally all i want from life.

think i’m the opposite


Really dont know how you do that polite small talk funny that people do. Thats not really funny but mildly amusing and just keeps the conversation flowing and doesn’t have any swear words or fart chat


I’ve considered doing stand up before but it’s quite a scary idea and it’s hard to think up long form jokes.

Really struggle at work with people I don’t know that well because of this