How funny are you?

Really dont know how you do that polite small talk funny that people do. Thats not really funny but mildly amusing and just keeps the conversation flowing and doesn’t have any swear words or fart chat


I’ve considered doing stand up before but it’s quite a scary idea and it’s hard to think up long form jokes.

Really struggle at work with people I don’t know that well because of this

I’m so funny that I actually sued the Chief Medical Officer over his brand infringement on my nickname ‘Professor Witty’ AND was immediately laughed out of court.


I have a weird knack of saying things that can be construed as witty, like accidental puns and stuff, and I have to go along like I meant it because it’s too awkward to explain that the funny thing wasn’t intentional.

On the flipside when I try to tell funny anecdotes most of the time I run out of steam.

But I do laugh a lot so I am mirthful if not actually funny

oh i’m not great with anecdotes either, I’m really a reactive funny guy.
feel like i’m underselling myself here



My humour used to be very self depreciating to the point where friends would laugh and joke about my shitty traits like being clumsy and generally an oaf, but back then i was in a place where my first real friendship group happened age 17 and i didnt mind being the clumsy one because it meant that i could be a “one” in a group which made me happy and i didn’t mind people laughing at/with me bc poeple were happy around me and that made me feel good. Anyway I’ve been trying very hard to move away from that as it is very unhealthy but it does mean idk how to really joke around without relying on that, but its ok I’m content with not being a funny person. Have got the same sense of humour as my brother and we make each other laugh so that’s something

I think my sense of humour being “things that aren’t very funny” (in a non-edgelord, literal way) means that I’m not very funny really but if you like “things that aren’t funny” you’ll probably find me quite funny


I can be very good at certain types of humour, particularly a very niche sort of absurdism that plays incredibly well at 4am at a particularly messy afterparty (those days are of course long gone).

At my last job I was definitely the funny one, the place was an absolute madhouse and I was able to cut through it with quite an insightful humour (that again, sort of played into the absurdity of the place).

Like others, put me in a group where I’m uncomfortable then I probably come across as a bit of a dolt and have definitely wierded people out with my humour before. But I spent a good couple of decades gathering together a group of friends (and a wife) who get me, so fuck all the rest of them IMO.

this is close to my vibe

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bunch of clowns on this messageboard


Think it’s situational. In a group of friends, or in a meeting with colleagues I know, I think I’m good at dropping in a good one liner or lightening the mood.

But making awkward chit-chat with a neighbour? I got nothing.

The only place that I’m considered ‘the funny one’ is at my current workplace, but everyone I work with is either an actuary/project manager/accountant so…