How gassy are you RIGHT NOW!?

I just did a little burp

Also just burped.

3/10 gassy

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Used my cheeks as an airlock so no-one could hear it, then dispelled it in an empty direction.

i.e. Stomach → Mouth (allow mouth to expand to contain dispelled gas). Mouth → Empty direction (silently blown)

I think that this is the most polite way to deal with these things.


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more windy than gassy

might have another poo

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not been gassy for a good while, come to think of it

Have you been eating healthily?

I try mate, I do try


Maybe a 2/10 but it’s been a 7/10 since lunch so I might just be spent for now.

I’ve had to open a couple of windows despite it being very windy (the other kind) and the blinds making a bit of a racket.

0 gassy

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Saving up all my farts for when my wife gets home


2/10 recently pooed.


all my farting
I will save for you

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I don’t believe in an intestinal god…

does burping count as gassy?

I think I have trapped wind about 72% of the time

Hungover today, very gassy, horrid.