How good are the Arctic Monkeys?

On a scale of one to 10 - I can’t make my mind up? Overrated, undervalued…

For me, a undecided - 7

Minus ∞.

hi Guido!


yeah 6 seems about right

I’m not gonna lie. I think they’ve got steadily better with every album. AM is just lovely

peaked with Humbug

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Humbug was great but I think AM trumped it

5 from me. Lots of nice singles. Albums all solid and easy listening, without ever being all that interesting, although they all seem to have a very clear focus and never go on for too long. Man’s got a nice endearing lyrical style, but it starts wearing very thin if you listen to them too much at once.

Was very weird watching them headline Glastonbury festival (the most recent time), massive iconic stage, massive crowd, band seem very very not bothered, put in a perfunctory hitfest with minimal charm. It ended up feeling like a really poor environment for them, seemed to me like it just shone a spotlight on all their unremarkable aspects. Then they finished off with a frankly embarrassing slow rendition of Mardy Bum with a string section. Somebody tried to rob me and fella gave me a shove for standing in front of his kids’ camping chairs, kids had been moaning loudly to leave for 20 mins. At one point a man came past who’d been smacked in the nose and was all bleeding. I could’ve been watching Portishead. Awful decision by me.

Probably 5. They seemed quite necessary when they first arrived, but nothing special beyond the second album. Guess you can apply that to several bands over the past 20-30 years.

Not very. They’re just part of the landscape now aren’t they? Will just continue to plod on releasing average albums and playing to biggish crowds forever and ever.

6 loved the 1st 2 albums at the time not seen em live since the Apollo 10 years ago and I saw em live loads before then.

All their albums do have really good last tracks. Still think that Submarine ep is the best thing Turner has done.

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It’s a 5 from me, Clive.

Wouldn’t pay to go see them, wouldn’t turn the radio over if they came on.


Basically ‘will enjoy at wedding receptions and nowhere else’ for me. Handful of good choons though

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I recently gave away all of these because I couldn’t be arsed having them anymore.

Loved the first and second albums, along with the ‘Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?’ EP but when they skewed towards being rock lads I fucked them off. Crap tunes, crap lads.


3 versions of Brianstorm, impressive dedication

They became better song writers but all the duller for it.

4/10. Not bad just really pedestrian

Like I said, I loved them. That 10" is going for about sixteen quid on Discogs at the moment. Checked how much the 7" for ‘Leave Before The Lights Come On’ is going for and there isn’t one cheaper than fifty quid! Fuck!

Ouch, I looked into picking a few FWN singles up a couple of years ago as I missed a few during that period - Wasn’t cheap so I sacked it off!

Suck it and see > Favourite worst nightmare > WYSINTWIA > AM > Humbug