🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 A Tribe Called Quest

Yeah - they were so well balanced. It has been said a million times before, but Q-Tip’s lower voice and Phife’s higher pitch together just works so well sonically. And content - I think someone on the documentary describes Phife as the “knucklehead” who injects a bit of street corner humour about defiling peoples couches etc, whereas Q-Tip was a little more refined. There are groups from that era where I don’t know who’s verse was who’s - these guys were so distinct.


Its why my early gateway into rap was largely through Red & Meth stuff, that playful balance between two completely distinct styles is just irresistible


dont think its front to back classic or anything but i would be surprised if you didnt come out at least digging about half of it.

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Need to properly listen to their stuff, have loved what I’ve heard.

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Knew they were well-loved but (pleasantly) surprised about the strength of feeling for them. Thought they’d have been closer to Wu/Beasties than the almighty Franklin

Thanks for the inspiration recent HGATR threads :raised_hands:


Linden Boulevard, represent, represent-sent.

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got them on now, man these guys are absolute fucking class