🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 ABBA

Nah I genuinely don’t know their stuff enough. I’ve tried listening but I can’t really make it through more than a few tracks. Sort of so many parts production and so many parts over-familiarity.

But my 5 comment was really about their cross generational appeal implying they must be good.

(Always loved One Night in Bangkok but I feel like this is the ABBA equivalent of only liking How Soon Is Now from The Smiths or Fool’s Gold by the Roses, maybe?)

Thursday for filth, etc.


I always wish they would groove a bit more like in Lay All Your Love On Me. Most of their songs make me feel like I’m being bludgeoned by pop. Also slightly marred by the feeling that everyone else seems to be enjoying them more than me. Gone for a 2

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definitely one of those bands where I don’t enjoy seeing the enjoyment other people get from them

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Absolutely ruined by a shit bunch of lads. Fuck Abba

actually feel like i’ve seen too many bbc4 documentaries about them to be able to judge them correctly

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I’ve a suspicion I’ve never listened to an ABBA album, but I’m not sure how to tell. 4/5

Let’s find out. Have you ever listened to an ABBA album?

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Went the way of the beatles where they’re such a huge thing culturally that they don’t even seem like a band anymore.

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listening to the visitors now. great cover photo tbf

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Well if I could answer that, I’d know if I’d ever listened to an ABBA album, but how on Earth would I know that?

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had to watch one at xmas a few years ago, couldn’t believe how much i hated it

ABBA are fucking brilliant, a flimsly film built around shit karaoke versions of their songs tho? utterly unforgivably rubbish

The Visitors is the best album and yet somehow it only has one song on Abba GOLD and it’s the weakest track on the whole thing?


opening / title track is really good. reminds me of something off ten love songs by susanne sundfor, the way it transitions


Just checked the CDs. No ABBA albums. then went and checked the records. Also no ABBA albums. There’s a Wet Wet Wet one, not sure which one. I’m not bending down that far.

  1. Listen to one to check if you’ve heard it before
  2. Congratulations, the answer to your question is now yes.

Not sure I can do that without starting a where to start with ABBA thread, but already feel like there’s enough ABBA chat going on for today.

Full of problems today, aren’t you Avery?

I always get distracted if Dancing Queen comes on cause it makes me think of Oliver’s Army and I’d rather listen to that than Dancing Queen.