🎡 How Good Are They Really 🎡 ABBA

Would never opt in to listening to ABBA but, of all the options from that era to come on at, say, a wedding disco, they would be one of my preferred choices.

Also KMKY Aha!


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Rebecca Front is great in this. @Scunner nice little HG crossover too.


One of TV’s great medleys

I went through a period of listening to their albums a LOT, especially ABBA and the song Eagle, because I liked the way it was mixed so it swooped through both ears. But years later, I only remember the hits so it’s gotta be a 3.

ETA: the video for Eagle invented chillwave

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Mamma Mia 1 + 2 appreciation subthread. Love both unironically.

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I properly cannot stand Abba

Absolutely toe curling


4/5 then?

Thank fuck for this - I thought I was on my own here.


Think I’d prefer them if they were called BAAB tbh

Probably the best example of bands with upbeat music/sad lyrics.


The scores are meaningless due to loads of weird alt/spam accounts and protest voting.


I think Knowing Me Knowing You has a good chorus but the rest is utterly interminable

This sounds like I’m explaining it to a child, sorry.

Don’t really have time today to be fighty on this one :frowning:

But ABBA are fucking brilliant and I love their music and Gold is the album I’d want on a desert island.

Dancing Queen is a perfect song. Knowing Me, Knowing You is THAT bitch for sad break up feels. Recently I realised how incredible SOS is too.

Brb listening to ABBA


Pervo after this poll closes can you pick 2 ABBA songs for the playlist that aren’t the top 3 voted ones please?

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Yeah I’ve noticed that.

I don’t like ABBA but that is probably more down to the exposure than the actual output.

Think that’s what used to put me off too tbf.

I have a rule, Funk-Man which is that if I’ve heard a song 50 times without ever actively having chosen to listen to it, I am likely to hate it. ABBA are the epitome of that rule.

One of them will be SOS.