🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 ABBA

That’s good.

I have a similar rule. The chefs at my work listen to Virgin Radio a lot, which means I hear the same 10 or so songs every day and I actively despise every one of them.

The “epitone” you might say hahahaha




You have to be dead inside to not like SOS, but you have to be an ABBA fan to think it might be one of their best singles.

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I like this


Did anyone go to see Bjorn Again? I went to see Bjorn Again. It was a lot of fun.

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I’ve not even seen Bjorn once


ABBA were absolutely MASSIVE with ten-year old girls when I was a ten-year old boy so obviously I despised them with a vengeance, but then I became a 20-year old man with gay friends and hence ended up doing a complete 180 on them.

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not even in the USA?

Clicked on the thread and immediately saw the current score. You’ll never believe the results we’re seeing, Clive!

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Bollocks, I thought I was being sneaky.

As well as the singles ubiquity and Mama Mia problem I think I also struggle with Chess creating the template for a certain type of musical, so I always hear that sound & structure in Abba songs.

Had no idea they’d done 8 albums, thought maybe 4 albums. They must have really churned them out.

It is sublime pop music though so 3 from me.


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I Know Him So Well is a fucking banger.

They invented the sad banger didn’t they?


Fucking great bit

Listening to ABBA Gold and have to revise this up to a 4, I forgot about SO MANY songs of theirs fucking hell


Saw Bjorn Again at Sonisphere and the crowd were great; loving every minute of it. Saw Bjorn Again again at Bestival and it was pretty flat. I learnt nothing i didn’t already know about crowds from these experiences.


If you remember the 70s like me, where everything was brown, light brown or grey, thats ABBA