🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 AC/DC

i think lots of shit manufactured pop bands like One Direction completely disprove this statement

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The full show seems to have gone from YouTube but well worth watching the full thing on Vimeo. Fantastic:

Big dumb fun rock-‘n’-roll. Always raises a smile when I hear them but I never go out of my way to do so, except for occasionally sticking the live version of Thunderstruck on. That intro…

Probably a 3, but a strong one

This is very very good

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Now there’s a band

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Iron Man 2 soundtrack.

I’m not joking, it’s a, great best of


For all you “I only know a couple of songs so I’ll abstain” guys this is probably the one band where you absolutely can rare them on that!:grinning:

(As long as it’s not a 1 or a 2 :wink:)

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The crowd are a lot of fun in that video, but those vocals…Jesus :joy: :joy:

Are they looked down on? I’ve always thought they were pretty widely regarded as one of the best of the big classic rock bands.

2/5 I’m never going to intentionally listen to them, but there’s a time and a place where if one of their big singles comes on it’s going to be mega. Would love to see them live.

Funny how you’re all giving these guys good marks but you all hate Queen who do what they do but way better.

I’m sorry but AC/DC could never touch 1D

Not even close. AC/DC are the worlds best pub band. This is sweaty rock and roll with no pretension, it’s just all fun.
Queen aren’t.


Break out the popcorn.

I can see how they would be a band that could attract your standard issue music snobbery, but I thought they’d had a bit of critical reevaluation more recently. Have to be honest and say they don’t do much for me (but then hardly any classic rock or NWOBH type stuff really does), but it’s fairly obvious that they are very very good at what they do

Crazy that they ditched Brian then there was some programme on telly where Brian interviews other aging rockstars about their lives but also talking about how he was reet sad pet aboot not getting to rock no more then about 5 mins later they’re like “lol we did another album with Brian”.

Seen a bit of footage of Axl doing it and he was pretty good.

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Yeah I was well up for a final album with Axl.

One Direction were a very good pop band tbf

I actually like Queen but I agree it’s baffling to compare them really.


They can have a 3. Always hated them when I was young and a serious music dweeb then came to realise that they’re actually kind of great in their own way. Absolutely ridiculous but completely in on the joke and Back In Black is an all-time banger.


Murdering bastards!