🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

I do like the song, it’s quite pop punky in a way but I hope the lyrics were a wind up


Yeah I love that song for all its cringeyness


Was delighted when they played it on their tour last year

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Happy Birthday to Jason.
Loving the reference to “the most calculated beatdown of all time” in his birthday snap:


ive never paid attention to the lyrics on here. gonna keep it that way.

went with a 4 but shoulda done a 5 after re-listening all day. i really prefer the post source tags stuff but im weird that way. i think worlds apart → so divided → century of self → tao of the dead is their peak. dont think they have a bad album tho. ive always been surprised they lost so many people after source tags, makes no sense to me.

luna park is just gorgeous

love life

idk too many album cuts to call out


On it now. Yeah, it bangs. Obviously know Richter Scale Madness from the old days but don’t know if I’ve ever heard the album version.

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Decent mini LP tbh

Stand in silence is a choon actually


Forgot to mention X in my post. After Lost Songs and IX not really hitting the mark for me thought this was/is really strong. Feels like a bit of a sister piece to Century of Self with the freedom of Tao

I need to revisit this, s/t and Lost Songs off the back of this thread

Edit: maybe even So Divided if only to see if it has improved with age

A 5 from me. Had the first 5 albums at the time of release without ever feeling this was something super special. Sold them off in my big post-divorce clear out, then got re-engaged earlier this year in the later albums.

Almost a totally different band now. All the constituent parts seem wrong but it all somehow comes together. Love Century, Tao and X - totally crazy shit. Worst album covers ever, mind.

Ahhhh not been on DiS properly and missed this! Absolutely love them, 5/5. The recent album, X, was so fucking good as well, big fan of Lost Songs too.

Worlds Apart is a cracker too, think someone on here pointed out that Let It Dive is the best Oasis song not written by Oasis.

Saw them tour Madonna in full few years back and it was an unhinged mess of noise and chaos. Lovely.


I listened to Lost Songs last night for the first time in a while, it is chock full of bangers that one! I’d forgotten, Catatonic, Up To Infinity, the title track, great stuff! :+1:

It’s like the fully charged ying to the more sprawling yang of albums such as Tao of the Dead :grinning:

And while I’m here: ST&C > Madonna > s/t > Lost Songs > X > The Century of Self > Worlds Apart > Tao of the Dead > So Divided / IX (would need to relisten to decide between)

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Ok so I have no idea why I didn’t really rate s/t back in the day, it’s fucking excellent! Very Sonic Youth in parts but that’s no bad thing. Let my chronologic discography playlist roll on to Madonna and, yep, this is THE SHIT! One of my favourite albums of all time… not one ounce of fat needing trimmed!

Utter chaos


we go whinging all over the place


They aren’t really a band where the lyrics stand out normally which makes the ones to this so jarring. Proper GCSE edgy

I did a pledge music thing for one of their albums. Might have been century of self? Can’t remember but I got Summer of 91 lyrics handwritten by Conrad.


He has some superb handwriting

Doesn’t he just. His artwork isn’t always to my taste but by fuck he is one talented dude.

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Century of Self I think is a piece he did all in biro which is quite impressive to manage to be able to do that