🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Beyoncé

Yeah I’ve only heard the singles tbf lol

wasn’t it proved that Mike Patton had the biggest vocal range based on those criteria?

I don’t know who that is

singer from Faith No More, Mr Bungle Fantomas, tonnnes of other bands. has a range of 6 octaves and one 1/2 note, apparently.

What a down to earth name he has

What a fucking thread that is, man

Anyone who votes above a 3 for them is banned.

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Let us know if it’s good!

I don’t understand why people are shocked Beyonce has a score of 3.52 primarily based on their musical output? Thats still pretty high. That means more people voted 4 and 5/5 then they did 2 or 3/5

Did you honestly expect 130 people on this board to give out 4’s and 5’s across the board based on her musical output? She hasn’t released many… if any classic albums. Her deep cuts are generally quite poor but she has fantastic singles. Bowie has several classic albums and on this forum is probably a favourite artist of a high % of people, of course he was going to score (significantly) higher.

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ok seriously though wtf is a deep cut

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worth thinking about who the gatekeepers are when it comes to what constitutes a ‘classic album’ though


The first cut.


Less well known track, e.g. album track that wasn’t a single.

He released about as many shit albums than he has great. Also, lots of other things people clearly don’t want to talk about.

Fair point tbh

But I tried shrew I really did and I don’t feel any of them are, personally

(thats 405 scrobbles but I have HDR on which fucks up snipping tool)

Maybe I should say that many people on these boards probably dont think Beyonce has released a classic album

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Never had you down as Dr Sensibleanswer

I don’t want my act to get stale. I’m building a multimedia empire here.


oh ok. weird.

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