🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Beyoncé

Go for it.

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not watched the film yet but the new song at the end of the homecoming record sounds dead good

also relistening to the s/t and it’s def the sexiest record ever. would feel uncomfortable listening to rocket with my parents

Rumours are circulating that a new record is imminent. Genius had a load of details up about it that were swiftly taken down, apparently.

I know you never waste a drip
Keep me coming, keep me going, keep me coming, keep me going
Keep me humming, keep me moaning, keep me humming, keep me moaning
Can you eat my skittles
It’s the sweetest in the middle
Pink that’s the flavor
I want you to
Turn that cherry out, turn that cherry out

I reckon I know what this song is about

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@Rarity as promised

🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Nirvana #SSP

me too but i don’t want to say in case it’s wrong


Skittles I reckon


Just going to leave this here without comment.


that article’s stupid but i also find it weird that it’s her most critically acclaimed record. maybe just a reflection of how the press have changed tack on her generally. reckon it’s like her 4th or 5th best


Was listening to it today, so great. Original demo is lovely too

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I think there’s nothing wrong with something being a bigger statement than maybe the music is, though. Sgt Pepper’s is the most obvious example I guess of an album that isn’t as amazing as all the noise about it might state.

Ziggy Stardust has maybe 5 great songs and the rest aren’t that classic for Bowie as they’re quite constrained into pretty trad styles by the format of the record, whereas Hunky Dory is way more interesting and varied, and Aladdin Sane more out-there. All three are the same core band, IIRC. But Ziggy Stardust is the one that really has the big noise about it for a lot reasons outside of just the music.

I think it’s fine. When I think of Lemonade I think of anti-racist political activism which is a better legacy than Sgt Pepper’s I think.

(I am also listening to Lemonade now and I’m enjoying it.)

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Tried listening to 4 a couple of times off the back of this thread and there really is a large gulf in quality between it and Beyoncé/Lemonade, isn’t there? One or two flashes of brilliance (Countdown, Schoolin Life, maybe Dance for You) but not nearly as good imho.

The version on Spotify is in a different order to the cd I have and has a few extra tracks. The original order is fantastic.

Love on top >Countdown >End of time is a great run of bangers

don’t like the sequencing of the one on spotify version as much, bit front loaded. bonus tracks are still good though
other than the mentioned tracks 1+1, Run the World and I Miss You are also great

I really like I Care too. The chorus is terrible lyrically, but there’s this awesome bit where her voice follows the guitar line and then just kind of takes of on its own

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Just watching homecoming. Fucking hell it’s amazing. Surprised it was only 8 months in the making tbh.

It should be a source of shame to everybody on this board that she didn’t score a perfect 5 here, let alone being one of the lowest on the hgwir list.



Married life is going well


Listening to irreplaceable on repeat. so overplayed that it’s underrated. like the reverse paul scholes of music