🎡 How Good Are They Really 🎡 Biffy Clyro

You have my deepest sympathies.


i actually like this version

Wow you guys have really stuck it to this guy for saying his opinion about a band. Any more jokes about β€˜heavy’ or β€˜sludge’ as this really is top bants and great stuff!

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Keep it light, pal

Can I just shock you? I like this new one.


I re-listened to Puzzle for the first time in years the other day, my opinion on it has largely remained the same, it’s half brilliant half very much not my thing, but I have softened a bit on the big ballads that got them such massive exposure given the context of him losing his mum around that time.

However, I had completely forgotten what a banger A Whole Child Ago is, even if its basically the same song as The Scene is Dead by We Are Scientists (seriously listen to them back to back it’s mad)

But also got reminded of that amazing piece the BBC did during the Euros before our first game against the Czechs to Now I’m Everyone and re-watched it and cried all over again


Re-reading my post on this thread which came out mere weeks before A Celebration of Endings and feel like a right mug seeing as they’ve put out two of the best albums they ever made during the lockdowns. O2 arena show recently - while a pretty predictable setlist - was stunning too. Just a very, very good band.


Yeah, those two albums don’t seem to have had the same massive reaction, but think they are both just as strong as the earlier stuff - especially Myth, think it is close to being my fave alongside Infinity Land, both got the same energy going on.



Dave Fucking Lombardo on drums :exploding_head:


Waht. Excited for this, going to try get an MCR ticket.


Just got a ticket for the Glasgow show!

Only heard 15 seconds of one song…hope they are good!!

Missed out on tickets, as they obviously sold out instantly.

Grabbed a Manc one. Should be good!

Couldn’t get a Manchester one, must have instantly been pounced on. Excited to hear about the show :slight_smile:


blimey that actually sounds top